California contains four hundred thousand square miles. This would give eight States as large as New York State, fifty as large as New Jersey, and fifty-seven as large as Massachu- as to close to a greater or ic'Sl degree, the openings of the shutes, by any mechanical de vice., A very important object is claimed and ob tained intbis patent, viz., the adjustable lip sliding on the inner face of the buckets to, reg ulate the openings between the outer edges of the buckets, and thereby the flow of water from the wheel, thus adapting the lines of this turbine to the head of water and amount of work to be done, however varying these 'may be. The wate'ris taken in at the bottom of the wheel and every inch of head is made available. In some situations at different times of the year, the head and quantity of water vary greatly ; this wheel is specially adapted for such places. The wheel is simple, strong and durable, and not liable to be ob structed by ice. The inventor is of the firm of Jagger, Treadwell,&Perry, Eagle Foun dry Beaver street Albany, N. Y” where good castings can always be assured, and from whom more information can be obtained by letter ' or otherwise. We would state here that we have seen some unsdricited letters from respectable persons who have been using this improved wheel, who speak in terms of thehighest praise respecting its performan ces. setts. With a population per square mile equal to that of New Jersey, California would support eight mil lions of inhabitants ; and if equal to New Yor, twenty millions; and if equal to Massachusetts forty millions, or fifteen mil lions more than the present population of the entire United States.