J. F. Jones, of Louisburg, N. C, has taken measures to secure a patent for an improvement in car and portable railroads, the nature 01 which consists in the peculiar construction of the car, the body of which is suspended or hung upon pivots, so that itis allowed to swing, and thus keep the centre of gravity of the load ever the track, which may be made of a very narrow gauge. The pivots by which the body of the car is suspended rest upon a frame, which is supported by small gud geons at the ends of the axles, said gudgeons passing through eyes, or loops attached to the frame By this arrangement much friction is avoided. Thecouplingisso constructed as 'o allow the body to hang as low as possible, and this allows it to be easilj loaded. Tjie rails are tormed of detached pieces, connected by pins, which are attached to the sleepers, and so constructed that the detached pieces can be laid eitfce* straight? or curved.