The citizens of Boston are real utilitarians, and possess more municipal enterprise than those of any other city in oUr union. They have an electric fire telegraph ior the whole city, which has been in operation for at least a year, and now they are laying down cast- iron pavements. We understand that the people of Boston have adopted the plan of sweeping and cleaning the streets during the night, and that the plan works admirably. We recommended the .adoption of this plan to our citizens Wo or three years ago, also repairing the streets during the night, but our wise gothamites will not be easily made toadopt such reasonable city reforms. We are glad to know that one city as. The Circleville Watchman (Ohio,) says that John Brotherlin, Esq., of that place, has const! acted a tea kettle made of copper, all comp” ete at d entire, and which weighs less than” 'ie tv. alfth part of a cent. This is a triumph of ne t-handed workmanship.