Formerly Newburyport had an abundance of cod fishermen, but the mackerel busintss was more invitiiig and more profitable, and as the cod declined, mechanical trades engaged a good share of the men, till now, veiy tew lemain. The old fishermen have died, and the young ones are in other pursuits ; ai d his year at least thiee-quarters ate obtainrd trom the British provinces, and the spriiig rbhing was in many instances abandoned, from the difficulty to obtain men. The number ot vessels is being reduced by losses and sales, and no new ones take their places, and yet there is a failure of men. The Provincials have learned from the mericans, and greatly improved in their fishing operations: it they remain as at prt-ient, and the Yankees are driven from thtir waters, they will have greatly the advantage, ind the business must go to them.