France, with her accustomed energy in the cause of science, has made another great step forward, by the forming of a new society under the above title, and which is to consist of members of her scientific press, who, at their meetings, will discuss the inventions and discoveries of" the past month, in every branch of science and art, and lay before the world the results of their discoveries. At their first meeting in Paris, on the 16th of November last, they were presented with a full account of the submarine tunnel to connect England and France, by the designer, M. Thom6 de Gamond, and after an animated discussion it obtained their approval. Many inventions were then exhibited, such as a watch which will give the correct hour at any meridian, a way-measurer for vehicles, and many articles of vertu, and interest. We look with great hope to the future of this society, comprising, as it does, among its members, the chiefs and subordinates of a scientific literature which is the most purely scientific, although not perhaps, the most practical, existing in any country in the world.