On Friday, November 6th, the Crystal Palace, wherein the above-named Fair has been held, was officially closed, and the exhibition terminated. In the afternoon of that day the prizes were awarded by the managing committee, and the distribution was followed by a grand concert in the evening. As a Fair, the one just closed has had many drawbacksthe bad weather, hardness of the times, e. ; but taking it altogether, we are inclined to place it among the most, if not actually the most, successful exhibitions ever held in this city. The Palace is still open to the public, and for the depositing of machinery ; but in every respect it is a desert compared to whltt it has been, for yisitors, managing officers, rcporters and exhibitors, have all retired to recuperate their energies and improve their talents, so that when the next Fair arrives, they may enter on their duties with frcshness and renewed vigor. We now publish an accurate list of the gold and silvcr medals that have been awarded to exhibitors in the Machinery Department, as they will, doubtless, possess the greatest amount of i!lterest to our readers : I. KAILIWAD MACIIINERY AND FIXTURES. Fmyler M. Ray, 102 Broad\vay, New York : H Elliptic and Kubbar Sin-iny."Small silver medal. L. B. Tyng, Jersey Clty, N. J. : '" Chilted Locomotive Tire."_Small silver medal. J. H. Swan, 32J Fourth ave.I New York : H Car Seats and Reclining Uhair." _Small silver medal. 'Vanl Sinclair, 102 Broadway, New York: HBailey's Uur Seat."Small silver medal. JIoracQ Boardman, 181 East 13th street, New York : " Coal-burning LocomotlYC Boilers." Small silver medal. II. LATHES, PTANEES, BORING AND SLOTTING MACHINES, BOLT CUTTERS, DIVnHNG A"ND CUTTING ENGINES FOR IRON, AND MODELS AND DRAWINGS OF MACHINES FOR SAME. Newark Machine Co., Newark, N.J.: 'IUniversal Slabbing Machinc."Large silver medal. Milo Peck, Now Haven, Conn. : UDrop Press and Atmospheric Hmllmer."Large silver medal. Snow, Bl'ooks Co., Meriden, Conn. : UPunch Presses."Small silver medal. III. MACHINE3 FOR WORKING WOOD, AND MODELS AND DKAWINGH 1'OR THE KAME. McNish Butler, Lowell, Mass. : H Stave Machine." Large silver medal. 'Villiam V. Studdiford, 40 Wall st., New York : HBnr_ rel Machinery," (Livermore's patcnt).Small silver nwdal. II. B. Srnlt11, Lowell, Mass. : U Power Mortising :Machino."Lttrgc silver medal. Lysander Wright, Newark, N. J. : h Scroll Saw."" Small silver medal. A. D. VVaymoth, Fitchburgh, MaS3. : H Spool Lathe." Large silver medal. J. A. \Voodbury, Winchester, Mass. : " Planing Ma chine." 'Smull gold medal. Jones Crowell, 229 Broadway, New York : " Wood Planer."Large sliver medal. IV. GTEAM PUMPS, GAGES, VALVES, LUBRICATORS, c. Roberts Crumbie, 72 \Vater st., Brooklyn, N. Y. : " Steam Pump."Large silver medal. Guild Garrison Co,, WiUiamsburgh, . .: "Steam Pump. Small silver medal. Taylor, Campbell Co,, Brooklyn, . . : " Safety Feed Pump."Small silver medal. John Sutton, 114 Cunnon st.. New York : " Oil Cups for JOl i.rnals." Small silver medal. Forest Agricultural Steam Engine Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. : '" Portable Steam Cross-cut Haws" and "Portable l'ami Engine." Small gold medal. V. IIYDRAULICS. A. 'rower, 121 nroadway, New York : " Power and Hand Pump."Large silver medal. C. G. M. Woodward, 77 Beckman at., New York : " Stcam PUlup."SmaU silver medal. John Piitton Co., Gl Fulton st., New York : H Ca1'pent('r's Hotary Pump."Small silver medal. William D. Andrews, 414 \Vater st., New York: " Anti-friction Ucntrifugal llump." Lnrge silver medal. Thomas Hanson, 137 Thinl avc., New York : " Pump un,l Pressure Machine ami Hydraulic Rams."Small sHver medal. Sawyer Can, 3 Bedford st., New York : "Water Closet"." Small silver medal. Sawyer (Jarr, 8 nec^ford st., New York : " Cut-off for Kitchen lloikrs."Small silver medal. McNab, Ciut Co., 95 and 133 Mercer st., New York: "Superior Valve Couplings, Cocks, c."Small silver medal. Strickland Hildreth, Worcester, Mass. : H Globe Valve CoekB."Small silver medal. James I-I. \Vright, 8^15 Broadway, New York : "'Yatcr Filtcrs."Small silver medal. William W. Ay01'S, \Vorcester, niass. : U ' Cylindrical Filter."Small silver medal. PCJ'riui Boyle, 51 Pitt st., New York : " Hydrant." Smull silver medal. John .Johnson, 111 East' 18th st., New York : B Water Governor."Small silver medal. VI. PRINTING PRESSES. Lowe PrintIng Press Co., Boston, Mass.: ,.Conical Printing Presses."Small silver medal. A. B. Newbury, \Vindham Center, N. Y. : " Reciprocating Cylinder IJrintlllg Press."Small silver medal. VII. GRIBT AND SAW MILLS. [In this division no gold or silver medals were awarJed.] VIII. SEWING MACHINES. I. M. Singer Co., 458 Broadway, New York : " Embroidery Sewing Machine."Small silver medal. \Vatson, \Vooster Co., 449 Broadway, New York : HSingle 'rhrcad Family Sewing Machine."Small silver medal. IX. MISCELLANEOUS NEW INVENTIONS. 'Y. McKenzie, New Jersey: "Patent B1ower."Largc silver medul. Seyfert, McManus Co., Reading, Pa.: HSteam Doiler Flues." Small gold medal. Arad Woodworth, Od), Boston, Mass. : H Cordage Machinery."Small gold medal. Thomas G. Boone, Brooklyn, New York : " Rope Machine."Small silver mcdal. W. n. Du tchor, Lansingbllrgh, N. Y. : hRope and Cordage Machinery."Small silver medaL t* Z. BuLt.Lincolnton, N. C.: " Excavator."Small sil-J\ ver mednl. ~ Kean Co., Worcester, Mass. : HBookbinders' ) Shears."Kean-Small silver medal. f A Kames Hathaway, Milford, Mass. : "Machine for - Cutting Sole Leuthel'" and H Boot-treeing Machine," w5 Small tting811YerSole medul. A. Bernard* Co., SI Dye St., New York : " Patent Bakers' Oven."Large sa ver medal. X. GAB, SODA WATER MAOHINES AND ELECTRIO MACIlINERY. W. W. Batchelder, 34 West 34th st., New York : "Ar gand G-aa Burner."Small silver medal. XI. COTTON MACIIINERY. George G. Henry, Mobile, Ala. : " Machinery for Manufacturing Yarns for Plantation use."Large silw ver medal. Union Holler Cotton Gin Company, ? liberty street. New York: "Sea Island Cotton Gin."Small gold medal. Benjamin Reynolds, Stockport, N. Y. : U Improvement in Weaving Cotton Goods," (Reynold's patcnt). Small gold medal. XII. WOOLEN MACHINERY. R. Kitson, Lowell, Mass. : "'Vool Picker."Large silver menn!. B. T. Nichols, Newark, N. J. : " Piece-hosiery }It chine."Large silver medal. Frederick Schott, 78 Hunter st., Brooklyn, N. Y. : "Power or Hand Knitting Machines."Small silver medal. MECHANICAL DRAWINGS. Theodore Krnnsch. Susqnehanna Station, Pa. : " Mechanical Drawing."Small sHver medal. Samuel Stanton, Newburg, N. : hDrawingof a Marine Engine."Small silver medal. MATlm:MATICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL INSTRUMENTS. Kline's Patent Compass Manufactory Co., 02 'Vall and 301 PeuTl st., New York : HCompasses to overcome 1m'al attraction on ship-board."Smull gold medal. H. 'Y. Hunter. 1 Chambers st., Nnv York: "Surveyins Instruments."Small' silver medal.