At different stages in the manufacture of woolen cloth the piece requires to be dried, and this is commonly done by stretching it on tenter frames, which are placed in the open air. An improvement on the above, by which the process of drying can be carried on much more rapidly as well as inside the factory, has been invented by Robert Preston, of North Pownal, Vt, who has taken measures to secure a patent. The apparatus consists ol a large iron box supported by star dards having furnaces underneath, the heat from which before its escape, is coi.diiC.ted about by means of fl lies extending along the back and sides of the chamber or box. Inside this are arranged series ot rollers which carry the cloth back and forth until it is sufficiently dried, but previous to this operation the fabric is submitted to the action of a nap-laying card, and after having made the circuit of the whole series of rollers, it is carried over a cylinder brush lor the purpose of smoothing it. The rollers are worked by a shaft and pulleys, which are properly arranged to transmit the required motion by means of belts arid the whole is operated by any suitable power.