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List of Patent Claims Issued from the United States Patent Office FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 14, 1853 CUTTING TENONS By C 15 Fitch, of Galena, 111 : T claim the roethnd de cribed of cutting tenons by meiio of the scoring aud V-shaped cutter that cuts tuo square shoulder and point, and attbe same ti me scores the .side of tbe tenoo, when this is combined with the lancet shaped or other finishing cutter, for retnoviDg the material left by the scorers, as specified HARVESTERS OF GBAIN AND GRASSBy Wm. G Hujett, of illiniusburg1, Pa : I claim tbe peculiar minner of arranging the two sets or eeries of knives B and C, tbe knives, B, being of Iriangular form or saw shaped, and having a reciprocating motion, and th- knives, C, working directly over the knives, B, saii knives, C, being attached by pivots to the outer ends of tbe teeth, ad having an opposite reciproca ting motion commuuicited to them, at their ioner eodn, by the le?er aud cross bar, by which arrangement a drawing cut is obtained and the knives elfec-tuaUy prevented from cloggiDg or choking, by the grass or straw. STOVESBy 8- S. Jewett F. H. Root, of Buffalo, N Y. Ante dated Dec 14, 1852 : We claim the combination, in a stove or giate, of the fire- place or furnace with a sliding door or doors, to close the front of the fire place, and a recess in one or both of tbe jatnbs of the Gre-place for the door or doors to slide iiito, and be concealed from view on theouUide and be insulated from the are and smoke within, thisre cess being a separate compartment open only where the door enters, and only of sufficient capacity to receive the same, as set forth. MOP HEADSBy Harvey Murch, of Lebanon. N. II : I ca m an improved mop head, composed of the fixed cross head, which has grooves in its lower side and end, iu combination with the sliding binder that terminates in a notched shank, and passes thiough the loop on the huidle, which servea as a deteut iu consequence of the action of the fpring on the under side o the said shank, as set forth. METAL TOURSBy Geo F. Muntz, Jr., of Birmingham, Ei.'g Patented in England May 8, 1852 : I cifiiai the mode or process of manufacturing a metallic tube of Muntz'a metal, or othttr like metal or composition of metals, viz., by first casting ihe me tal iu a hhort tube ; next heating it as described, and rolling It 11 at, and elongating it at the same time ; and, limlly, opening it out and removing ihe Burplua portions or fius, and reducing it to its final form in transverse section, as specified. SBLFWAITINO DINING TABLESBy Lea Pereey, of Patterson, Pa.; I claim a self waiting table constructed and arranged a-t described, viz , having an endless band situated beneath the table and kept in contitit motion during meal, by any power applied through the crante or other means, to which a baiid h firmly attached at convenient distances apart, gui-dinj carriers, .c, which pass up through, aud are supported by small railway trucks, c , and move in gu ding apertures iu the top of the table, and up on the tups of which are placed waiters, whereon dishes are put and constantly conveyed around, before the gueets on both sides of the table, in combi nation with the said endless band conveyers. I also claim an additional shtlr or second table, over the central portion of trie table, above the waiters, for the purpose of holding cantors1, .C , which do not require to be frequently moved or replaced, as set forth. MORTISING MACHINESBy Fergua Purden, ofBal-limore, Md : I claim a divided bed, so constructed that it can be adjusted to suit the width of the mortise to bo cut. so an to prevent tbe side of the mortise from being splintered by tae cutter, or chips whn they are forced through and driven out on the underside, as described. BRICK MACHINESBy A II. Sampson, of New Orleans, L* : I claim the box or reservoir of plat form-) with the carrying chains or their equi valent;i provided with suitable projections for catciog drawing forward, and carrying immediately uuder neath the delivery follower the buards or platforms for receiving the pressed biick, and by which they are couvetd out of the machine, as described. COPYING PRESSESBy E H- Smith, of New York City: 1 claim, tirrt, the employment of the hand lever to operate the pissing platen, through the agency, or by mans of the eliding transveise bar, or its equivalent, in combination with the adj UHtable stop, or any other mechanical device substantially th-t same tec nd, the arrangement of the plates or platens, in such relation to iheir support and operating me d u a, as to reuder tbies of the four edges of each platen- unobstructed, perfectly available, and easj ul' access. TYPE CASTINO MACHINESBy J. J. Sturgh, of New York City: I claim the Uie of the horizontal mould block rest, in combination with the vertical ami ho izon al rock .shafts aud cam for the purpose of obtaining a motion of the mould block as nearly horizontal an practicable, as set forth. SecouJ. I claim the use of the lever and rod, ID comminution tvitti the horizontal muuld block, rest, and tn-tfrix, a-t set forth. Third, I claim the use of the matrix holder having ;i slot in it; to allow of a lifting motion on its ceuter pin. and a notch, iu its bick side for the end of a spring tj uct againat, in combination with the !*]i,".Dg. inclined plane, or cam, on the horizontal roi'K *,h'ift and pm. for holding it, as .set forth. Fourtii [ aiNO claim the V-.sbaped bar, secured to an ddjostdb'e end plate, attached to the outer end o I' the lJW;r half of tue mould block, in combination witli the ivper half of the mould block., for ihe pur -p j -, L1 s h e I 1 o r Ui COOKING STOVESBy (* F. tfilley, of St. Louis, JLJ : 1 cUim,iiist, the lUring enlargement of tlie sidy thuis. 0 uu'-i D, from the upace above the oven. also tbe enliff;ei)eot of tue central flues, F and G frora lha mid Hue space 10 the upper eud of G, for trie purpose of increasing tbe draught of all the flue* and causing a larger portion of heat to be conducted into the Hue spaoe, as set forth, In co uuination vritb the fl-tring shape of the Hues G, i1- find Cr 1 also claim ihe amiliarydumOllue i win-jh rises from tho thif ?iptce to the hearth pi ale. and thence is eoutmued immediately uuder the liie chamber and up the back oftheeame by which another portion of beat from tbe fire chamber is conducted by radiation and circulation, into tbt* flue space, for the purpose of aiding in givirg an increased draught to the stove, and in raising the tementture if' tbe front end of the oven bottom to the rerj_uirtd degree for baking purposes, as pet forth. MANCFACTUKE or GLA.SBy Jas. M BrookSeld i; V White, nf Ilonesilale, Pa., and Jacob Faatz, having been decided to be a joint invention with said White, the said Faatz , White, assignors to A K IIJI.V , J M Bioostield : We claim the applica lion of a blast, and anthracite coal as a fuel, iu the manufacture of gla-s, as set forth. STEREOTYPE PLATES By J. L Kingsley, of New York City : 1 claim, first, the process of expelling air from tbe surface of tbe type when forming the mould and from the surface of the muuld when forming ibe plate, as set forth Second, I claim tbe method described or its equivalent ofdressing, bevelling or thick ne-niog the moulds and platen wheu made ol gutta perch a or compounds that run so that all the plates made t-hall be invariably of the tame thickness, as set forth. MANUFACTUHE OF PLATS GLABHBy J, J. Gree- nough, of Boston, Man : I claim, first, manufaclu ring plates of glass by causing ibe glass while in a plastic fit ate. to pass between two or more pairs of rollers, as set forth. I also claim embossing tbe surfaces of plate glass, by passing it between embossing rollers, as described. And lastly. I claim su=pendin[j plat fa of glass by their upper edges, alter they have been formed, while annealing HO as to keep them in a perfect plane, without resting ou a bed. RK-ISSDES. LUBRICATING COMPOUND By Patrick II. Pevlan, of Reading, Pa,: I claim the combination of caoutchouc or other similar gum., with animal or vegetable oil or fatty matter, an specified, applicable as a substitute for oil in lubricating machinery aud for other purposes. APPARATUS FOR OPERATING SHUTTLE BOXES OF LOOMSBy J A Bowie fc Chas Cair, of Philadelphia, Pa (assignees of Robt B. Goodjear) Ante datea Sept. 13, 1848. Re-issued June 14, 1853. I claim the employment for the purpo-es of weaving, of an index plate, having movable and adjustable pins projecting at different distances from toe face rf said plate, in combination with the shoe, or its equivalent, haviDg projections corresponding tv tbe different length of pins, for the purpose of raising and falling, the shuttle boxes to correspond with the pattern desired to be formed, as described.