Mr. James S. Huber, lately stated before the Philadelphia County Farmer's Club, that he had proved by actual experiment in feeding 12 cows, 180 days upon cooked food, that he made a net gain of 832. In place of 20 lbs. of hay per day, formerly fed raw, he now feeds 12 lbs. cut and steamed. With this he mixes 4J quarts of shipstuff, Indian corn meal and oil cake meal, in about equal portions. This with the hay, weighs about 46 lbs. when cooked, having gained about 31 lbs. by thai process. He says it is not only more economical, but more palatable to the cattle ; they eat it without waste and keep in better oondition. His steaming apparatus cost $25. which he more than saved in six months' feeding. He considers, however, the greatest gain is in the health of the animals.—mdash; [N. Y.Agricultor.