We are informed by Prof. C. U. Shepard, says the "Charleston Courier," who has just returned from a fortnight's exploration in the counties of Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, and Rowan, that the prospect of an abundant supply of copper ore is afforded by the indications presanted in the mines of those counties. The great metaliferous region known as Gold Hill, in Rowan, and which, next to the famousDorne's Mine in this State, is the most productive deposit of the precious metal in the United States—is, perhaps, the most promising repository for copper thus far brought to light. Other places may hereafter prove equally rich ; but the gold veins at Gold Hill, being already worked to a depth of three hundred and fifty feet, afford the most favorable opportunity in the country for judging of the character of that pot for copper—a metal which rarely shows itself in much richness at the top of the ground. Already, from the depths referred to, tons of merchantable copper ore are daily raised ; and the indications are such as to lead the professor to predict that Gold Hill will very speedily acquire a character for copper as distinguished as that which it has long since established for gold. The professor, while in Charlotte, was presented with a diamond, by Dr. Leventhorpe, a late graduate of our Medical College. That gentleman had lately discovered it on his estate at Pioneer Mills, and this is the second specimen ot this precious gem found within the year in the county. Hitherto no special search has been made for the diamond, these specimens having been discovered in a manner purely accidental.