G. W. Cooper, of Palmyra, Ga., has invented a new machine for planting cotton seed, for whiej he has taken measures to secure a patent The nature 01 the invention consists in the peculiar manner of, distributing the ieeds, of of discharging them from the hopper. This ig" eftcftS bjr means of vertical saws, (one or more) having a reciprocating motion and working through slots or openings in the bottom of the hopper, and using in connection with the saws, feeders, which are placed vertically upon a circular disc at the bottom of the hopper, the disc having a reciprocating [rotary motion. Cotton seeds being of irregular iorms will not pass readily from a hopper without some mechanical device tor drawing or forcing them out. This machino effects bhis object with certainty, and distributes the seed verv evenly in the furrows.