Measures to secure a patent for an improved machine of the above description have been taken by A. Picksoij, of Griffin Ga. This machine will perform the work of topping the cotton and lopping off the ends which bend over the rows in a most perfect manner. It can be made cheap and light, and one man suffices to work it. The principal part of the framing is formed similar to a wheel-barrow, and the wheel which serves to propel it also communicates motion to the cutting apparatus by means of twe bands or bjelts running over small pulleys tormed on the sides of the propelling wheel. Two sets of cutters are employed, one for topping and the other for lopping off the ends of branches. The latter operation is performed by,cutters that are placed vertically on a horizontal shaft; the topping is effected by horizontal cutters on a vertical shaft. These latter are made adjustable so that they can be arranged to suit the different heights of the cotton plant, and also the different widths of the rows.