Great and rapid(progress is making towards the completion of the new Crystal Palace at Sydenham, England. It cannot, however, be opened until the 16th or 20th of May next, instead of the 1st, as promised. When com pleted, this building will, notwithstanding the magnificence of its great predecessor, be the most splendid building of its kind the world ever saw. In size it dwarfs the greatest ca thedrals. It will be approached by an ave nue and staircase ninety-six feet broad, and will be entered through an archway two hun dred feet in height, from the summit of which will be seen a vast and splendid natural pano rama—the winding " silvery Thames," and the gigantic city of London appearing as only a portion of it beneath the lofty toot. Palms, the tallest and of the most stately dimensions, will rear their graceful head unobstructedly. There will, in the extensive and amply wood ed ground, be many fountains of large propor tions, some, two hundred feet across, will be in lull play. One capacious basin, extending two thousand feet, will contain one thousand and one jets, accommodating two pyramidal fountains, with more than ninety jets each, .throwing the water two hundred feet high. One half the building Will be devoted to the new world and one half to the old. A con servatory, to contain the rarest and most beautiful exotics produced in the world, is in rapid progress. Statues, most perfect as works of art, and all the tributes ol art and science, will adorn the building. The expe riences of the past will be applied to the fu ture, and a structure will be presented to the gaze, ot the most fascinating, magnificent, and imposing character, which description is whol ly unable to reproduce. Literary Notices LITTBLL'S LIVING AOE—NO. 462 completes ano ther volume of this great weekly publication, and the next number will commence a new volume greatly enlarged and improved. No periodical pub lished in our country, contains so many sterling ar ticles j its circulation should be great for its me rits are unsurpassed, as a weekly literary publica tion j it is published by Littell & Son, Boston.