The editor of the “Salem Observer ”gives a public cure for this disorder, from which he has been a great sufferer. He says:—mdash;“A sim ple poultice made of cranberries, pounded fine, and applied in a raw state, has proved in my case, and a number also in this vicinity, a cer tain remedy.”In this case the poultice was applied on going to bed, and the next morn ing, to his surprise, he found the inflammation nearly gone; and in two days he was as well as ever. Chloroform is being used to remove bees from the honey comb. The hive is placed above a chamber, having a glass window at one side, and a small hole piereed at the other. The chloroform is put in a small bottle hav-ing two tubes through its cork, only one of which is allowed to come into immediate contact with the chloroform. The tube which does come into immediate contact with the chloroform is inserted into a small hole in the side of the box, and by blowing into the other the chamber is soon filled with the gas, and they tumble out in a box below.