The following recipe for rheumatic inflamation has been lately presented to the French Academy of Sciences, by a retired army sur geon of Paris, as possessing extraordinary cu rative properties in the above painful affec tion. Dr. Poggioli, the discoverer, states that in seventeen cases of rheumatism the com plaint yielded immediately on the application of this new remedy. RECIPK—mdash;A salt of morplia (hydrochlorate), distilled water, extract of belladonna (atro pine) , ointment made of tbe buds of the pop lar tree, leaves of black loppy, belladonna, henbane, and nightshade; mimal fat macera ted in datura leaves, q. s. The composition to be scented with essence of lemon or cherry laurel water. In many instances mentioned by the disco verer, one rubbing was sujteieut with the ap plication of linseed pouHees afterwards to effect a perfect cure; it may, however, be sometimes expedient to apply it for a week at the utmost. The proportional quantities of the prescription must lie regulated according to the constitution of the patient as well as the nature and extent of the malady. The inventor, in his account to the Academy, states it to be the result of several years1 la bor and experience. With regard to its effi-' ciency we cannot say anything, but give it as translated from the “ Lumiere,” (Paris).