An engraving illustrating the manufacture of this fuel was presented to our readers on page 228, Vol XI, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN It consists in converting the stunted growth of brushwood, with which farms generally abound, into a compact excellent fuel for light fires, or for igniting the more solid materials employed in heavy ones This is effected by cutting the several twigs and heavier portions of brushwood into lengths about equal to their average diameter, by means of a machine Constructed and operating ifter the manner of an ordinary strawcutter, md thus producing a new and useful article )f manufacture from a material which has herttofore been considered as worse than useess Whether the exclusive claim to a fuel arepared in this way is a legal one or not, we lo not pretend to judge, as the question has lot, to our knowledge, been subjected to any judicial test sincethe issue of the patentunder which it is held, and which was issued to Reuben Daniels, of Woodstock, Vt, in June, 1852 As a fuel for kindling coal fires or for heating small apartments, it possesses the important desiderata of inflammability, cleanliness and economy, as we can confidently assert from experience We think this invention well worthy the attention of farmers in the vicinity of cities, who are overrun with brushwood, and annually destroy large quantities of it, from the fact that from its nature and cumbersome character, they are unable to transport or store it in a compact form Persons desiring further information, with a view of entering into a business of this kind, can address Daniels Raymond, Woodstock, Vt