William Rufus King, our elected Vice Pre sident, died at bis residence in Alabama, after a long illness, on the 18th inst. He went to Cuba in search of health, after he'was elected, and a bill was passed by Congress fjr him to take the oa*hs of his office in Cuba. He sen- ibly declined to do so; he felt that his days were few, and that if he recovered he could be installed into office at the seat of govern ment. He was an upright, able man, and for fort)' year" in public life. We have e ii it stated in a i umber of our exchanges that W I. McAlpiuc, the present worthy and able State Engineer, N. Y., is about to resign and become chief engineer ot the New York and Erie Railroad. It is also reported that George Cole, C. E., is to succeed Mr. McAlpine. A survey is about to be made for a railroad from Hoboken to the central parts of New York State, in order,to open up railway com munications between some of the southern New York counties and the sea board;