In the matter of the application of Ira D. Warner for letters patent for improvement in Catarrhal Douche.—The applicant claims " a nasal douche, orsyringe, having a tube with reversed curves, S and C, substantially as described.'' The invention consists simply in giving a double curve to the tube so thatthe nasal ducts are readily reached, and, at the same time, the syringe and hand of the operator are removed from the front of the mouth, where they would obstruct, more or less, the admission of the light. This Is quite simple, but it is very useful, and, I think, presents a fair example of one of the cases in which form is patentable. Curvatures and angle become of importance in plowshares, water wheels, rotary pumps, engines, and blowers; and generally in all cases, when, by change of torm, a new and useful result is produced. In the present case the result is useful; and, although the catarrhal louche is old, the present form was not thought of until applicant de- Tue decision of the Board of Examiners-in-Chief is reversed. (Signed) S. S. Fisher, Commissioner of Patents. July 13, 1869. Facts for tlie liadies. I have used my Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine six years without the east repairs,doing all my family gewing,consisting of coats,overcoats,pants, md vests, down to the finest of sewing, even patching old coats and pants. Beside that, I have earned six hundred dollars ($600) in the six years. I jarned thirty dollars with one needle. Give me the Wheeler & )reference to all others. Mrs. Lucy Dukgy. New Milford, Conn.