Exparte greaves. --condensing cylinder for carding machines Bell, Acting Secretary. 1. The Commissioner of Patents may issue a patent for one or more of the divisions of a reissue application, and subsequently issue a patent to the applicant for the remaining divisions, if it be held that otherwise he is entitled to them . 2. U ntil an application for reissue is ended in all its divisions the vitality of the original patent continues so far as required to support that portion of the application which remains By the Commissioner of Patents. ex parte lee. --coupon railway ticket. --appeal from the examiners-in-chief. Marble, Commissioner: 1. The patentable features of a railway or other ticket, like those of any other substantive thing, must depend upon peculiarities of mechanical construction. 2. The printed matter upon a ticket is nothing more than an arbitrary direction '1s to how such ticket is to be uscd, and can have no bearing upon the patentability of the ticket itself. 3. A railway ticket anticipated by an internal revenue stamp. where the system and the manner in which it is carried out is substantially the same. 4. D uplication of checks or coupons as a matter of ex-ped iency, obviously suggested by the necessity of the case, does not require invention.