U. S. Circuit Court -- Eastern District of Wisconsion THE BUTZ THERMO-ELECTRIC REGULATOR COMPANY vs. THE JACOBS ELECTRIC COMPANY Jenkins, J. Letters patent No. 223,234, granted December 2, 1879, to Julien M. Bradford, for an improvement in electric -heat and vapor governors for spinning and weaving looms, sustained, and held infringed by a second circuit breaker operating on the same principle and performing the same functions by analogous means or . equivalent combinations, although the infringing machine may be an improvement on the patented invention and patentable as such. The mere change in form or an alteration in. unessential parts, or the use of known equivalent powers not varying essentially the machine or its mode of operation or organization, will not avail to avoid infringement. It constitutes an infringement to manufacture for the purpose of use, even if not actually used. A New Ruling Pen. An improved ruling pen, by Thomas Bennet, of Philadelphia, Pa., is made with one of - its blades movable when under the finger. The' pen may be set to make both light lines and heavy lines. If, in the progress of the work, heavy lines are needed, a pressure of the finger on the pen produces them. On releasing the finger, the pen returns to light lines.