An Index to the ehemical patents issued by the United States Patent Office during the year 1853. Prepared for the Scientific AmeiUcan by Dr. D. Breed, solicitor of patents, Washington, D. C. Continued from the Scientific American of October 17, 1857: A lcoholSeparated from water by pressure of a high column of mixtnre : B. F. Grenough, December 20. AlcoholUse of manganates and permanganates existing in soluble compounds in pnrification of : Luther Atwood, August 23. Chromic Iron OreReduced by carbonaceous materials, and iron removed by sulphuric acid ; for making chromates : J. C. Booth, July IV. FatsTreatment with alkalies and sulphurous acid, to harden for candles : Monnier and Boutigny, Febrnary 8. Filte1sComposition of animal charcoal, glass and starch : Wm. H. Jennison, May 31. GlueScraps preserved by washing in------ of lime, and laying inclined to drain and dry ; before using wash, using some sulphuric acid : David A. Janes, July 26. Gutta PerchaCoating metals with : Charles Goodyear, October 11. Gutta PerchaUse of sand, pulverized soap-stone or plaster, for molds to preserve shape of modeled articles during vulcanization : Charles Goodyear, April 12. India RitoberSmooth surface produced on vnlcanized, by use of oil on smface or on metallic plates or molds : L. Otto P. Meyer, December 20. India RubierMilk from tree treated with aqua ammonia, to preserve in liquid state : Henry L. Norris, July 26. India RubberFabries made from mixture of pulverized and vulcanized rubber with rubber of commerce : Richard Solis, February 1. InkUse of " colophonic tar " as ingredient : Samuel H. Turner, September 6. OilRosin ; treated with bases and then distilled inodorous : Samuel L. Dana, April IV. OilDerived from coal tar by repeated distillation and treatment with caustic soda and with sulphnrie acid ; boils at 450 to 475 Fah. Also the use of, to liquify concrete oils : Luther Atwood, March 2V. OilSteam at red heat passed through coal under distillation. 2. Fractional distillation of first product. 3. Purification of eupione and paraffine by sulphuric acid, chromate of potash, peroxyd of manganese, caustic soda, decantation, filtration, re-distillation, pressing, c. : William Brown, September 27. OilRosin ; purified by mingling with steam during distillation : Madison Page, May 24. PaintingTreatment of cloth with sulpho-muriate of tin, (mordant), then with chlorine, preparatory to painting different colors and figures : Leon Garosson, June 7. PaintGraphite (black lead), charcoal, tallow and gas tar, for preventing corrosion or incrustation in steam boilers : Charles F. Sib-bald, May 10. PaperUse of concentrated solution of hypochlorite of alumina, for separating fibers of straw : Coupier and Mellier, August 2. France, May 7, 1851. PotashPreparation for dyeing, Inade by treating manganese and common salt with dilute sulphuric acid, then heating to expel chlorine, which is passed into a solution of prussiate of potash : Frederick G. Vettercke, July 2G. StoneArtificial ; use of silex, alumina and salt : Hornig and Suess, June 7. SoapUse of sal ammoniac with wheat flour, potatoes, borax, sal soda, " meen fun " or satin white, and fuller's earth : Ira F. Pay-son, Decembcr 6. TypeStereotype ; use of shellac mixed with tar and sand, as type metal. Also usc of clay mixed with gum arabic, beeswax, stearine, tallow, oil for molds for cngraving, (appamtus) : Josiah Warren, re-issued July 26. Patented April 25, 1846. VeneersSawdust cemented with mixture of lime and curd of milk ; earth or fragments of minerals cemented in same way : Carl L. Gran, April 2G. WoolTreated with mixture of oil (2-3) and alcohol (1-3) for cleansing : Hubbell and Barrett, June 7. ZincCoated with lead ; fnsed zinc poured upon fused lead, to form a thick plate, which is afterwards rolled out : E. Morewood, June 28.