The t; North British Agriculturist" furnish -es a statement of Lindsey Blyth, in relation to a very successful experiment for destroying a most offensive smell in a stable, arising from the decomposition of urine and dung. He tried the mixture of Epsom salts and plaster of Paris (gypsum) —" the most wonderful effects followed—the stable keeper was delighted." Previously, the stable was damp and unwholesome; and if closed for a few hours, the ammoniacal vapors were suffocating. After sprinkling the sulphates underneath the straw, and along the channel of the drain, the smell disappeared, and even the walls became drier. He recommends as an economical preparation for this purpose and for sewers, magnesia lime stone dissolved in sulphuric acid, (forming sulphate of magnesia or epsom salts,) with a portion of super phosphate of lime (made by dissolving bones in sulphuric acifi) —these, at the same time that they retain the escaping ammonia, also add greatly by their own presence to the value of the manure Inventors wishing applications made for foreign patents are referred to a notice in our advertising columns.