The destruction of deer in the eastem counties of Maine for two or three years past has been immelJse. Not less than six thousand deer have been killed in the counties of Penobscot, Hancock, and Washington, within the last year. Five t40usand skins were purchased in Bangor alone. Hunters from other States come in at all seasons, and in many cases apparently for mere sport, and often reserving only the skin as a reward or a trophy. During the present winter loads after loads 01 carcasses or of saddles of deer have been brought into the Bangor market. Those interested in the matter, the settlers in these counties, feel that at the present rate ot destruction, the moose and deer will soon be annihilated in Maine. They are bestirrirg themselves in the matter of their protection hy getting up petitions to the Legislature, asking for a law imposing a fine upon every person who shall kill a moose or deer between iliK t uay uf January and the first day of September. The Legislature, says the " Bangor (Maine) Whig and Courier," will doubtless attend at once to this Application, and provide a stringent law [or the protection ot these animals, and secure to the State a greater benefit than is now derived from their indiscriminate and wanton destruction.