Mr. Lassell, of Liverpool, has transported his wonderful telescope (having twenty focal feet) to Malta, and under the beautiful sky of this island he has found incomparable advantages for observing his favorite planets, with whose study he has been for some years occupied, namely, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Mr. Lassell has seen the first and second satellites ot Saturn very distinctly. On the body of Saturn itself he has been able to observe two red-colored bands and three of a neutral or greenish blue color. He has found also the two new satellites of Uranus. Mr. Lassell, who, from being a merchant, has become an amateur astronomer, and has himself constructed his magnificent -telescope, and who has invented some absolutely perfect instruments, is himself quite astonished at what he has been able to effect at Malta, where he has made more observations in one single night, than in three months at LiverPoll.