We have previously noticed this invention on page 218 of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, but it will be better understood by reference to the accompanying engravings, of which Fig 1 is a perspective view, and Fig 2 a seetion show* ing the lubricating grooves A represents the axle box, which externally is of the usual form, and may have its inner surface ohilled or not, as desired Within the box, A, a series of grooves, B, are made These grooves extend entirely around the box, and are inclined, as seen in Fig 2 Any number of grooves can be used, according to the inclination and the length of the box The grooves can be of any suitable width or depth, and are so arranged that the edge of one groove on one side of the box will nearly, if not quite, reach the edge of the adjoining groove at the opposite side of the box As each groove extends entirely around the box, and as the base or inner diameter is of slightly taper form, the grooves, being inclined, will, of course, be slightly elliptic in their form The grooves, B, are formed by having corresponding projections placed on the cone, and when the casting is made and the cone withdrawn, they can be planished, or cleaned out, and regularly formed by a proper tool, and the inner surface of the box bored out, reamed or smoothed When the arm is lubricated at C, the oil will collect in the grooves, B, they forming oil chambers; and as the box rotates, the whole surface of the arm is lubricated, the perfect lubrication being somewhat assisted by the slight longitudinal play of the arm The bearing of the box is not much dimished, and the wear and tear will be less than if the grooves were made circumferentially in its center, to receive the lubricating material It is the invention of William Diller, of Lancaster, Pa, from whom any desired in K formation can be obtained Patented March \ 9, 1858 Patent Claims Issued from the United States Patent Office FOE THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 30, 1858 [Reported officially for the Scientific American' CULTIVATORSJoseph Banks, of Dadeville, Ala : I claim the construction, arrangement and combination ot the body of the implement and its movable teeth, as described, whereby it is readily adapted to properly receive in turn the several scrapers employed for performing the various modes of cultivation specified SUGAR MOLD CARRIAGES C E Bertrand, of Williamsburgh, N Y : I claim the sugar moid carriage constructed and arranged to operate substantially in the manner described, that is to say, the platform in combination with stationary pins, supported by two wheels and a caster, the standard oi which bears against and pivots in the upper or brace plate, the latter being composed of semicircular arms, holding in connection with guard chains or bars the conical molds, in the mannerand for the purposes set forth REGULATOR FOR TIMEKEEPERSDana Bickfordt of Westerly, R I : I do not claim the compensating curb But I claim fitting the compensating curb to a curved groove, or its equivalent, furnished with a number of set screws, which operate as described, to secure the curb in its place, and to adjust or vary the effective length thereof, and thus constitute a means of correcting its compensation [Full particulars of this invention will be found on anotherpage] MACHINES FOR HULLING AND CLEANING CLOVER SESDJ V Black veil, of Ovid, N Y : I claim the application of the gravitating curtain, H, at the point of the eduction of the blast, for the purpose of modifying and diffusing the same, and preventing the waste of seed, substantially in the manner shown and described I also claim the combination and arrangement of the overshot grating cylinder, C, and feed roller, D, with the blast generator, G, and blastregulating curtain, II, the whole operating conjointly in the manner and for the purpose described CIGARSThomas Blanchard, of Boston, Mass : I claim the described cigaretta or paper cigar, made In the manner substantially as set iorth STAPLES FOR BLIND SLATSByron Boardman, of Norwich Conn : I am aware that spikes, bolts and staples for various uses have been cut with transverse furrows, and bearded diagonally and otherwise, for the purpose of holding with greater force when driven into wood; and that stems or shanks of fish hooks have been serrated with indentations for their greater security to a line, therefore I do not claim the cutting, to produce a beard or ragged surface or edge either to spikes, bolts, or staples, except in manner and form as described Nor do I claim the production of serrated indentations on the shank of fish hooks, or any other article, except the wire staple?, such as are used for the slats of window blinds and screens Neither do I claim the production of staples of any kind, when not pointed or serrated as described But I claim constructing wire staples (such as are used for connecting the semirevolving slats of window blinds and screens to a rod governing their positions) by giviny them a rounded edge in the direction e shown at a c, and an acute or sharp edge, as viewed crosswise, as at f h, in combination with transverse indentations across the wire, the whole being formed by compressions between dies, substantially as described PAPER FILESW Z, W Chapman, of New York City: I claim the combination and arrangement of two or more wires, or their equivalents, on a rod, or its equivalent, substantially in the manner and tor the purposes set forth I also claim the combination of the ring or rings, i, and lock plate, f, for securing the ends of the wires, as eet forth HARVESTERSGeorge E Chenoweth, of Baltimore, Md : I claim compensating tor the wear of the worm or groove in the driving cylinder, by making the parts of that cylinder adjustable, as described, thuB giving increased certainty to the action of the cutters LUURIOATOR OF RAILROAD AXLESWilliam Clough, of Madison, Ind : 1 do not claim the use of an arm, deriving such a motion from the axle as to dip into the oil or grease, and deposit upon thejournalat every revolution thereof But I claim the combination of the oiling finger, E, slotted arm, G, and wrist, b, in the manner and for the purpose described And I also claim making the oiling finger, E, sleeve, F, and slotted arm, G, from the same piece of wire, in the manner and for the purpose set forth [AVe have noticed this invention in another portion of this journal] OPENING AND CLOSING OUTSIDE BLINDSJohn E Clokey, of Washington, D C: I am aware that blinds and shutters have been opened and closed from the inside by various complicated contrivances; but this I do not claim broadly I claim the combination of the bent levers, d, with the bars, g, when they are constructed, arranged and operated in the manner described, and for the purpose specified SCREWCUTTING MACHINERichard H Cole, of St Louis, Mo: I claim arranging a set of vibrating chasers a a a, in a revolving chuck, in such a manner that the said chasers may be opened and shut while the chuck is in motion, and of so constructing and adjusting the said chasers that they shall turn the bolt blank to a given size, and chase the thread on it in one and the same operation, substantially as shown on the drawing, and as described in this instrument And I also claim the combination of the two plates, N N, and the cam, P, with the croes head, O,substantially as shown and described, for the purpose specified And I also claim combining theturning lathe with the screwcutting machine, whereby the heads of the bolts arc turned at the same time the chasers cut the thread on their points, in the manner set forth And I also claim combining a universal chuck in the opposite end of the same shaft on which the chasing chuck is fixed, whereby the nut can be tapped at the same time the thread is cut on the bolt, and with the same power and motion, substantially as specified HORSE HAY RAKESAsahel Cowley, of Harpersfield, N Y : I claim the described combination of a separator with a wheel rake, the whole being constructed, arranged aud operated in the manner and for the purpose as set forth MANUFACTURE OF SOAPDalrympie Crawford, of Toronto, Canada : I do not claim mixing flour, corn meal, starcli, or vegetable matter generally with Boap I do not claim making soap with a fat or oil and an alkali, with or without rosin But I claim mixing with soap the refuse from indian corn after it has been subjected to the action of alkali fj in extracting the starch, as substantially set fortb FOLDING BILLIARD TABLECharley Croley, of Cincinnati, Ohio : I claim the arrangement of certain devices for folding and moving the frame of the table, and Bwinging the bed of the table as represented, consisting of the pieces, C C, hinges, d and f f, the levers, P P,legpieces, m, and rollers, n, and the links, g g, and rollers, J, all connected and arranged as represented, and for the purpose specified COMPOSITIONS FOR TANNING LEATHERClinton Daniels, of Elk Horn, Wis : I claim the combination and use of cream of tartar and bicarbonate of soda with catechu in making a liquor, and using the same for tanning hides and skins, no claim whatever being made to the discovery and use of the catechu alone, tor tanning purposes, by me BALANCE STEAM TRAPW M Davis, of Philadelphia Pa : I lay no claim to the various parts separately Nor do I claim the forcing of the water through a submerged pipe by tbe pressure of steam upon its surface, thus forming, a steam trap But I claim the construction of a balanced lever, through which a passage to discharge the excess of condensation ia opened by the weight of such excess, in the manner, or an equivalent manner, to that described PRINTING PRESSESG W Davis, of Seneca Falls, N Y: I claim the arrangement of the double armed lever G, plate, E, bed, C, and the adjustable spring frisket, K*, as and for the purposes shown and described [We give a notice of this in another column] DEVICE FOR PREVENTING CORROSION OF THE BINDING SCREWS IN GALVANIC BATTERIESGeorge Doyle, of Ottawa, 111 : I claim making the connections of the batterj'by fitting the jars with covers of glass, glazed or enameled earthenware, gutta percha, or other insulating substance, with holes in them to receive the shanks of the binding screw1 sockets, and screwing the said sockets through the said holes into the clamps, for the plates with interposed washers of india rubber, leather, or similar protecting material, all substantially as described [See a description in another portion of this paper] ROTARY RECIPROCATING KNIVES FOE SMOOTHING STAVESWilliam B Dunning, of Geneva, N Y : I do not claim the vibrating saws, as they have been used before But I claim the construction, arrangement and employment of the oscillating cutting tools for smoothing the stave, c, substantially in the manner set forth SELFLOOSENING HOESE AND CATTLE TIEJohn J Eshleman, of Lancaster, Pa : I claim the bolt, B, in two sections, connected by the sliding scarf joint, H, for the purpose of instantly loosening the horse, as sat forth I also claim the devices of the bolt, B, spiral spring, F, and casing A, all in combination, operating together, substantially in manner and tor the purposes set forth AXLE BOXESWilliam B Fahnestock, of Lancaster, Pa : I claim the combination of the axle and boxes, arranged and constructed as described, for the purpose of allowing the axle to turn and accommodate the wheel to the direction of the rail CAR WnEELflWilliam B Fahnestock, of Lancaster, Pa : I claim, first, The wheel with the hub outside of thetread or rim, and the bearing on theaxle within the tread or rim, or at the balancing point Second, I also claim the combination of the independent wheel, bearing, K, and pivot, M, with the short axle, tor the purpose of preventing the sliding and friction of the wheels on, or against the rail PNEUMATIC SPEINGSW R Fee, of Cincinnati, Ohio: I claim the described pneumatic spring, having a hollow metallic piston working closely in a hollow metallic cylinder, and packed by leather and oil, for the purpose of increasing the elasticity of the spring, and preventing explosions and leakage, the whole being constructed substantially as set forth CANE FOR PAYING OMNIBUS FARESSamuel W Francis, ol New York City : I do not limit myself to the arrangement just described, as I know it can be modified in a variety of ways to obtain the same result But I claim inserting pieces of money in a cane, for the purpose of handing omnibus fares, substantially as described and set forth [An engraving and description of this invention will be found on another page] METHOD OP LIGHTING GAS BY ELECTRICITYSamuel Gardiner, Jr, of New York City : I claim placing a coil of platinum wire, or its equivalent, in the relative position to the jet of gas, as described, for the purpose of lighting the jet by electricity, and for the reigniting it when blown out under the circumstances and for the purposes set fortb [This is an invention for lighting gas by electricity, and is an improvement on previous inventions and patents It consists in placing the ignition coil at the side of the burner, instead of over it, and by that means prevents the cooling action of the gas upon the fine wire before it is ignited] MACHINE FOR TESTING AND MEASURING THE STRENGTH OF CAR SPRINGSPerry G Gardner, of New York City : I claim the combination and arrangement of the plunger, G, with the adjustable spindle, N, and adjustable knifeedge pivot, w, and the guide plate, Q, arranged and operating in connection with the balance beam, so as to test the power of the spring, and at the same time measure with great facility and rapidity the exact weight or pressure to which the Bpring has neen subjected, the whole being adjustable to any required size or power of spring MACHINES FOR SLATING COALT Garretson, of Pottsville, Pa, : I claim the construction of the sides of the screen and the openings, a a therein, substantially as described, to bring the said openings outside of the guard bars, B B, and give to the said openings a tangential direction, and to form tangential, or nearly tangential, conductors, C C, leading to the said openings, as set forth [The improvement in thi3 machine is in the peculiar construction of the sides of a rotary screen, and of the openings in these sides, which encourages and permits the escape through these openings of pieces of thin flat form, like the pieces of slate in broken coal, but not of lumps of coal] HORSEPOWER MACHINESJames Grant, of Rochester, N Y : I claim making iron horsepowers with an open center to the caps, A, and an adjustable or a fixed bridgepiece, a, and making a double length or reversible pinion, B, as and for the purposes ipecified CONSTRUCTING DOLLS' HEADSLudwig Greiner, of Philadelphia, Pa : I claim strengthening the seams and protecting the exposed parts of doll heads, by cementing or pasting on those parts, muslin, linen, silk, or other equivalent material, in the manner and for the purpose set forth APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING WHITE LEAD Henry Hannen, of Dubuque, Iowa : I claim the pipe, G, with its branch pipes, J, and stop cocks, n, the pipes C and E, and the diffusing pipes, B and a, and their respective stop cocks, e and e', in combination with the valves or stoppers, g and 1, the whole being arranged and operated in the manner substantially as described, for the purpose of exposing the metal to the action of the different agents employed, alternately and successively CLOTHES' DRYEEJ J Hamilton, of New Castle, Ind: I claim the application of the roller and pulleys to the arms, and the folding of the arms to the po3t SELFWAITING TABLEG W Hagey, of Smithland, Ky : I claim the handles, F, fof the purpose of turning the table, and to which a table cloth may be buttoned, substantially as described SAWING MILLWm Hawkins and Wm C Clary, of Milwaukee, Wis : We claim the manner described of automatically changing the saws after each cut, alternately from an oblique position in one direction to an oblique position in a contrary direction to the line of the log carriage by means of the studs, p, slide, K, double lever, D, connecting rods, d, in combination with the frame F, and the guides, n, and n', for the purpose set forth We also claim the use of the twowedge rollers or wedges, P' P", to keep the board clear of the saw, while cutting in either direction, substantially in the manner described We also claim the combination of pinions, i, and their pins o entering into recesses of plates b, the ratchet wheels, s, the ratchets, r, the adjustable segments, J, the wheels, G', the screws, G, and the rods, k, with their clutches, z and v, for the purpose of automatieally setting the log to the saw, and stopping the setting when the log frame advances too cloae to the saw We also claim the notched plate, t, in combination with the latch, g, lever, u, and link, 1', for the purpose of operating the belt shifter, 1, without turning the lever, u, substantially in the manner set forth HEATING APPARATUSF L Hedenberg, of New York City : I claim the arrangement within the case, A, of the firebox, B, spark or draft chamber, J, and the flue and air pipes, M N, the whole being surrounded by water space, and connected and arranged substantially in the manner and for the purpose set forth RAILROAD CAR WHEELSWm W Hubbell, of Philadelphia, Pa, and R H Hubbell, of Delaware County, Pa : We claim the circular vertical iiauges of the rim aud plate cast separately, turned off smooth and fitted together, substantially as described Also, The central plate strengthened with ribs and made thicker around its water edge where it is secured to the rim in combination with the vertical flanges on the rim and plate, substantially as described GAS GENERATORSJohn G Hock, of Newark, N J : I do not claim broadly, to be the first inventor of retorts having, perforated bottoms and chamberst nor do I claim the chambers B', C, separately considered, substantially as shown and described What I claim iB the arrangement together of the rain retort, B, chambers, B', C, and open space, c, substantially as and for the purposes set forth [A notice of this invention will be found on another page] COMPOSITION FOR COATING TELEGRAPH WIRESJ B Hyde, of New York City : I do not wish to be understood as confining myself to the precise proportions set forth But I claim an insulating compound for telegraphic wires formed by mixing boiled Unseed, cotton seed, or rosin oil, with natural or artificial asphaltum, substantially m the manner as described STRAW CUTTERSW W Hollman, of Eddyville, Ky: I claim the combination of the movable bottom, when constructed as set forth, with the cam shaft, C cams, A and B, and connecting rod, D, for giving a projection of straw under the knife by raising the lever, W, said projection being gaged and furnished by the upward and downward motion of the lever, in the manner and for the purpose set forth COFFEE AND TEA POTSJ M Ingraham, of New York City : I claim the_gj,eam tight coffee pot, the filterer, c, with the conicaTchamber, B B, and the siphon combined, arranged and operating in the manner and for the purpose as described AIR HEATING FURNACEST D Ingersol, of Monroe, Mich : I claim constructing the radiator, B, and arranging the dampers, H I, within it, substantially as shown, so that the dampers may perform the double Junction of dampers and scrapers, aa set forth [The invention in this furnace is in the arrangement of the radiators and dampers, so that the dampers may be made to perform the double function of dampers and scrapers, and the radiators will thereby be kept perfectly clean] CHURNJ A Jordan, of Shelbyville, Tenn : I claim the employment of the revolving wheel, D, and stationary wheel, C, constructed and operating in the churn as set forth, the bottom of the same being fitted to a stove casing in the manner and for the purposes specified COMBINATION OF LEAD PENCIL AND ERASERH L Lipman, of Philadelphia, Pa : I do not claim the use of a lead pencil, with a piece of indiarubber, or other erasing material attached at one end for the purpose of erasing marks But I claim the combination of the lead and indiarubber, or other erasing substance in the holder of a drawing pencil, the whole being constructed and arranged substantially in the manner and for the purpose set iorth SCISSORS SHARPENERJ C Loveland, of Springfield, Vt : I claim as a new article of manufacture the described instrument for sharpening scissors, consisting essentially of the revolving file, B, and guide, d, constructed and operating in the manner substantially as set forth DIVING BELLSBenj Maillefert, of Astoria, N Y : I claim the combination of the reservoir, C, with the bell, A, and tube, B, as and for the purposes set forth [A notice will be found in another column] LATHE CHUCKJ L Mason, of New York City : I claim the chuck described for spinning screwcaps, c, having a flange or rounded thread and a rounded groove, the groove and thread vanishing gradually at the flange, substantially as described WINDLASSESJoseph P Manton, of Providence, RI: I do not claim the brakes, for they have been previously used, and I am also aware that pawls, ratchets and gearing have been used and arranged in various ways, for the purpose of varying the speed and power of windless drums by simply reversing the movement of the driving shaft or arbor I therefore do not claim, broadly, such device, irrespective of the described arrangement of parts But I claim the arrangement of the pawls, g h, wheel, N, hub, P, ratchets, S, and gearing, Q Q", R, F, G, so as to operate as and for the purpose set forth [This is an improvement in that class of windlasses in which the drum may be operated with two different speeds, and power obtained when necessary by sacrificing speed and vice versa The invention is in a peculiar arrangement of pawls and gearing, whereby the desired end is attained by very simple means, thus rendering the windlass as a whole extremely light, durable and efficacious in its operation] WASHING MACHINEJames McVicker, of Green Co, Pa : I claim forming a receptacle within the washbox for containing the clothes to be steamed preparatory to their beingwashed by means of the ribs or slats, m, attached to the waslibox, and the ribs or slats, r, attached to the lid, P, so that upon opening the lid of the washbox, the receptacle also is opened tor the introduction or removal of the clothes, substantially as described TICKET HOLDERS FOE RAILROAD CARSM L Mickles and L S Olmsted, of Aurora 111: We claim a ticketholder, composed of two chambers or compartments, A B, into the upper one of which the ticket is placed and exhibited, and thence transferred to the lower one in the act of closing and opening the door of said upper compartment, by means of the movable floor, and ledge orprojection, P, all operatingsubstantially in the manner and for the purposes specified WRENCHArchibald Murray, of "Troy, N Y : I claim my improved adjustable wrench, in which the movable jaw is fastened to the fixed one, by means of a ring or collar which surrounds and slides upon the shanks of both jaws together, substantially as described DESK SEATS FOR SCHOOLSChas Perly, of New York City : I claim supporting the seat by a bracket extending from the pedestal or column of the desk, whether said seat be a permanent fixture, or fitted to swing around substantially as and for the purposes specified, whereby the floor is unobstructed by the separate legs or pedestals of the seat, and greater facility afforded for clearing the room, and more sace given for the feet of the scholars BRICK MACHINEJ L Ransom, of Charleston, S C: I claim the box, B, provided with the follower, C, in combination with the roller frame, I, feedingbar, L, and scraper, G, when the whole arearrangedrelatively with each other, so as to operate substantially as and for the purpose set forth I also claim the adjustable roller, i, arranged as shown, and operated by means of the cams, 1, on shaft, J, substantially as and for the purpose set forth [We have given a notice of this machine in another column] SEWING MACHINESO L Reynolds, of Dover, N II: I claim the loop distended, t, operated by and operating in comhination with the shouldered looper, 1, substantially as and for the purpose set forth [This invention relates to that description of sewing machine in which a needle and looper are employed, with a single thread to form the chain stitch It consists principally in a device termed the "loop distender," operating in connection with a looper of suitable construction for the purpose of distending the loop in a proper manner, and to a proper extent to ensure the entrance of the needle] RAILROAD CAR COUPLINGSJ W Rice, of Springfield, Mass : I do not claim the hook link, as that has been used before, but was found defective, as the hook link would work out when the cars were in motion, and hence was abandoned as dangerous and unsafe What 1 claim is the fulcrum drop, D, and notches, 1 and 11, on the underside of the hook link, C, and the rod, G, when used in combination with each other, for the purposes substantially as described RAILROAD BRAKESJ C F Solomon, of Baltimore, Md: I claim, first, The employment of small auxiliary wheels between the main whuels ot the locomotive and several cars of the train, said wheels being adjustable up and down, substantially as and for tne purposes set iorth Second, The combination with the said auxiliary suspending and compensating wheels of a brake, which i3 constructed and arranged substantially as and for the purpose set forth [See notice on page 246] STOVESS T Savage, of Albany, N Y : I am aware that stoves have been constructed with grates open all round or basketwise, so as to use the radiant heat from the back of the fire for roasting or other cooking, but that arrangement does not effect either one oftiie objects of my invention as stated, and I therefore disclaim any such construction or arrangement of grate and stove But I claim in furnaces or stoves the employment of a receptacle for the fuel, closed at front and partially at bottom, with open grate bars for a part of its bottom and for the rear, opening into an air or draft chamber between them, and the back plate of the fire chamber, substantially as described in the specification and for the purposes set forth CASTING TYPES FOR PRINTINGGeorge Schaub, of Hamburg : I wish it to be understood that I do not limit myself to the precise details described and represented, as the same may be varied without departing from the nature of my said invention But I clatm the new or improved manufacture of types for printing before described, and illustrated by the accompanying drawing, that is to say, manufacturing types for printing by casting the stems or bodies of the types at the back of a sheet oi tyye heads, and finishing the same as described ; also the manufacture of spaces used in setting up printing types by the use of tlie movableframe described and represented APPLYING PENDULUM POWERAndrew Slevin, of Ann Arbor, Mich : I am already aware that bevel wheels, pawls, ratchets, pendulum, e, have been heretofore in use for some mechanical purpose or other, and therefore I do not claim any one of them separately, nor do I claim the bevel wheels, pawls, and ratchets, causing thereby oi themselves rotary motion But I claim the peculiar combination of the pendulum, bevel wheels, pawls, and ratchets above specified, for the purpose ot obtaining a rotary motion Irom the reciprocating motion of the pendulum for the uses and purposes described and set forth TUBULAR WROUGHT IRON SHAFTSW A Stevens and R Jenkins, of Coyington, Ky : We claim the manufacture of wrought iron bars for the tubular axles, shafting, or other purposes, by rolling from a solid pile in a system of grooves, substantially like that described, by which the pile is first flattened, then grooved longitudinally, and afterwards has the sidtw of its groove closed together and welded as set forth [See another page] SHELLING PEASWm J Stevenson, of New York City : I do not claim separately and broadly the employment or use of rollers as separators, for they have been previously used for such purposes, as for instance in the roller cotton gin, where the seed is stripped from cotton by the same process as herein described Neither do I claim broadly the employment of the rollers with an endless belt or carrier, irrespective of the construction of the same, and its arrangement with the rollers, whereby the apron serves as a carrier for the pods, and allows the shelled peas to pass through it I claim the combination of the rollers, C D E, and endless cords, F, arranged to operate substantially a for the purpose set forth [A notice of this will be found on another page] CROSSCUT SAWING MACHINEGeo Telford, of Pikfi, N Y : I do not claim attaching a saw to a reciprocating bar, which is fitted in or allowed to work througt an adjustable frame for the purpose of allowing the *uvr to be elevated, so that the log may be fed to the saw for this device has been previously used Nor do I claim the swinging guide bar, N", But I claim the bar, H, with saw, M, attached to tho arm, F, connecting rod, E, and wheel, D, when ar ranged relatively with each other as shown, and for th purpose set forth I also claim the bar, H, and saw, M, operated a shown, in combination with the log carriage, O, and cylinder, F, grooved and armed with spikes, the whole being arranged to operate substantially as and for tb* purpose set forth [This is described on another page ] MASTIC COMPOSITIONJoseph Thompson, of North Wrentham, Mass : I do not claim any particular oily residue, or mixture of tar, pitch or bitumen as a component part of a mastic, but use each of them as are best adapted to mixing with the new material, which serves as a basis Nor do I claim or use sand, brick dust, gravel, or any of the earths and oxyda heretofore used in such mixtures I claim the right of using the naturally finely divided remains of silicious rocks, which have an alkaline action on test paper, as Fuller's Earth, instead of sand, gravel or other solid material *, HARVESTERSWilliam Van Anden, of Poughkeepsie, p N Y: I claim the use of a rectilinear spring in com S bination with the detent cam, J, having guides Kl and jjs K2, on the face thereof, for the purpose of actuating the tff 243 I cutterof a harvester machine endwise in opposite directions from a state of rest, by the impulsive stroke of the spring, which said spring is charged by its opposite curvatures, while the cutter remains at rest, the said parts being made and operated substantially as set forth Second, I also claim the employment and use of the cam wheel, J, having on its face guides, Kl and K2, substantially as set forth, in combination with a crank shaft for the purpose of giving two vibrations to the cutter to one revolution of the cam wheel, substantially aa described Third, I also claim the combination of the springs, (or springs as may be used) with the cam wheel, crank shaft and viuratiug lever attached to the cutters for the purpose of operating the same, substantially in the manner set forth TEMPERING AND HARDENING STEEL AND IRONHorace Vaugu, of Providence, R I Patented in Kngland I)ec 2t), 185tj: I do not claim the use of the within named substances, when the same are used in a state of aqueous solution But I claim the use of a bath of chloride of sodium with or without ferrocyanide or bichromate of potash, or either of them, or of other ingredients possessing similar chemical properties combined with animal or vegetable charcoal and ground bone, when theforegoing substances are in a state of igneous fusion, combined and operating as set forth WOOD SCREWSJames M Whiting, of New Bedford, Mass, and George F Wilson, of Providence, E I : We claim the making of wood screws with the upper side of the thread of greater depth than the under side of the thread, substantially as described ROTARY CUTTERS FOR TOSGT/EING AND GROOVING James A Woodbury, of Winchester, Mass: I claim the combination of the chisel cutter or cutters, with the lip cutter or cutters, substantially as described MILLSJoel Woodward, of Philadelphia, Pa: I claim, first, the mode of the bush on the plate, A A, running up inside of the balance syne, C J, in the manner and for the purposes forth Second, And the mode rf the Iowa1 stone, K K, working oil a loose or balance syne, C O that has a nut or breaker, v v, resting on or fastened to the top of it, and may work with or without a balance or upper bearing as set forth Third, And the manner of the inside pot or teeth, Q Q, made to raise and lower to open and close the aperture, r r, by means of the lever, W, (or screw) to regulate the feed of the stones, and grinding of the crusher or breaker in the manner and for the purpose set forth SEED DRILLSGeorge S Ball, (assignor to Benjamin Kuhns) of Dayton, Ohio, I do not claim the upper or lower slide, such having been used before But I claim the slide A, with the attachment of the clips, J, ill combination with the slides, D and K, the whole being arranged and operated in the manner and for the purposes set forth COKN SHELLEKSPeter Bergen, (assignor to Jane Ann Bsrgen,) of New York City : I claim Ihe combination of the delivery flap or bottom, h, of the hopper, the piece P, the pins, m, on the shelling cylinder, the cradle, d, and the springs, e and f, when these several parts are constructed and relatively arranged as described, to operate in the manner and for the purposes set forth RAILROAD CAR WHEELSHenry C Bulkley, (assignor to Jami's M Uosd) of Springfield, Mass : I claim, first, my mode of constructing the hub, viz, by reducing the iron around the outer periphery of the hub, and give the requisite strength, I substitute a flange or ring on the end of the hub, when used in combination with a railroad car wheel of one or more plates for the purpose substantially as described Second, I claim increasing the thickness of the disk as it recedes from the hub to the tread of the wheel in the manner and for the purposes described PRESSESSimon Ingersol, (assignor to himself, S B Turner and George W KimbalL) of Brooklyn, N Y: I am aware that levers similar to those used by me have been used before in various way3,1 therefore disclaim them in and of themselves considered But I claim the lovera, g g, h h, chain, I, shicve, J, when arranged on the beams, E K, in the manner shown and for the purpose set forth MAsr/FACTr/EE or HOEBJ Knight, of Newark, NJ: I am aware that a wrought iron plate has been applied in the form of a cap, to assist in the unioa of the steel blade, and malleable cast iron eye of a hoe by the welding process, and therefore I do not claim the iron edge of a hoe uniting plate when not interposed between the steel blade and malleable cast iron eye; aid I do not claim the lapping of the margin of the wrought iron plate ovt r the edges of the nanch of the eye But I claim the welling of a wrought iron plate between the steel blade and the malleable cast iron eye, substantially as and for the purpose set forth; or in other words, I claim the hoe constructed of the three pieces, A B and C, arranged relatively to each other, and welded together substantially as specified STEERING APPARATUSIsaac Moore, (assignor to himself and Francis M Gove,) of Brooklyn, N Y: I do not limit myself to the relative sizes of the gears, e and f, nor to the exact arrangement of the screws and nuts, as all these parts are well known and might be varied to suit particular circumstances And I do not claim a yielding motion between the steering wheel and rudder head, as this has before been allowed by means of springs and by ropes of a slightly yielding, nature, but I am not aware of any previous instance in which the screws acting on the rudder head have been allowed an endwise motion resisted by springs or equivalent yielding pressure as specified Therefore what I claim ia the manner described of relieving the rudder stock of any sudden strain or concussion by the endwise motion allowed to the screws, x x in combination with the springs, 1 1, or equivalent yielding pressure as and lor the purposes specified HAND EXERCISER FOE MUSICIANSJules Monestier, of St Denis, near Paris, France, (assignor to R F Spangenberg, of Brooklyn, N Y) Patented in France, Jan 12, 1857: I do not limit myself to any particular size or weight of my "agilimain ' nor to the uianne r of fastening the same in place, although I believe that shown to be the beat But I claim the manner described of giving agility and suppleness to the fingers, hand and wrist of musicians by the exercise induced by the application of my "agili main," substantially as and for the purposes specified PERMUTATION LOCKJohn H Morse, (assignor to himself and Lester Patee,) of Peoria, 111 ; I do not claim the arrangement by which a change of combination or mental key is produced Neither do I claim the arrangement for finding the combination in case it should be lost in making a change But I claim the "blind," or shallow slots,iii, or their equivalents, in the circular plates, B B B, made and arranged so as to receive the points of projections, E E E, on the bar, A, acting in the manner and for the purpose specified MACFIINES FOR BURRING WOOLThomas Musgrave, of Leeds, (assignor to Anna Musgrave,of Northampton0 Mas : I do not claim the construction of the burring cylinder, or st,rippera or beaters, nor the combination of hea! ers or strippers with a burring cylinder But I claim the combination of the second burring cylinder and its beaters, substantially aa described, with the first burring cylinder and its beaters, substantially as described, by means of an interposed stripper, or an equivalent therefor, as described METHOD or ATTACHING THE PLUMB LINE TO A PLCMU AND LEVEL INDICATORJohn L Eowe, (assignor I to Frederick Stevens,) of New York City; I do not * claim the employment of two spirit levels Nor do I claim the employment of a pivoted pointer to indicate the plumb But I claim theattachmentto a plumb level indicator, made substantially as described, of the reel, E, and cord, H ,as and for the purposes set forth [An engraving and description of this invention will be found on another page] SEED PLANTERSSamuel Thompson, (assignor to himself and A W Taggert,) of Hopedale, Ohio: I do not claim separately the reciprocating slides, F, for distributing the seed, for they are a well known device and in common use But I claim the cutters, D, attached to the wheel, C, of the framing A, in combination with the seed distributing slides, F, operated by the cams, e, attached to the cutter wheels, C, substuially as and for the purpose set forth [This invention consists in having a aeries of cutters attached to the periphery of wheels, which are placed in a framing and combined with reciprocating seed slides in such a way that the cutters will form holes in the sod to receive the seeddropped by the action of the slides The fVaming being also provided with adjustable supplementary wheels, whereby the cutter wheeit may, when, necessary, be raised above the surface of the ground, and the machine readily transferred from place to place This invention is designed to plant seed in newly broken prairie or similar soil, and to overcome the difficulty attending the planting of seed in soil having a tough sod upon its surface] LIGHTNING CONDUCTORSOren White, (assignor to Henry C Janes) of Racine, Wis : I claim, first, a lightning conductor consisting of iron wires enwrapped by sheet copper, for the purpose of increasing the strength and the conducting power of the rod, without materially lessening its flexibility, or greatly increasing the expense of manufacture, as set forth Second, The sheet metal joint or clutch for connecting additional rods or points to the main rod, as described HUBS OF CARRIAGE WHEELSJames M Whiting, of New Bedford, Mass, (assignor to himself, George F Wilson, and Alfred Anthony, of Providence, R I): I claim the making of the hub an elastic compound cylindrico lever, each end of which rests for a fulcrum on vulcanized india rubber or gutta percha, or other elastic substance, in combination with the coupling nut, by which the pressure thereon may be regulated I also claim the grooves in the body of the hub, or their equivalent, and the projections on the outside of the box, or their equivalent, in combination with the saidelastic substance COTTON PRESSESHenry Shrader, of Burnsville, Ala : I d o n ot claim th e use of"ra cks, as they hav e been heretofore used, neither do I claim the toggle joints But I claim the construction and combination of the double racks with the toggle joints as above described for the purpose explained, and in the manner as set forth I also claim the hinge connecting the lower ends of the toggle levers with the follower in combination with the operation of the levers as described by which both followers are operated in the same time and with the same application of power PEIBSUES RAILROAD CAR WIIEELSW B Treadwell, of Albany N Y Patented Jan 9,1849 : I claim, in railroad wheels to be cast in one piece with a chilled rim, the forming of such wheels with a hollow concentric annulus or ring, the plates forming a curve substantially as specified to yield by bending to the unequal contraction, in combination with the connection thereof with the rim at or near the middle of its width by means of the solid ring, substantially as described, to give the required support to that part of the rim which is most exposed to fracture ia use, as set forth And I also claim, in combination with the hollow annulus or ring connected with the rim by a solid ring substantially as described, the inner hollow annulus or ring next to and connected with the hub substantially as described, and connected with another hollow annulus or ring by a solid ring, substantially as described, whereby ample provision for yielding to the unequal contraction is obtained, while at the same time the metal composing the wheel is so disposed as to prevent in a great measure the injurious effects of vibrations, and to resist the jara and concussions to which railroad wheels are exposed in use ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENTS HANGING CARRIAGE BOXESJ M Jones, of Palmyra, N Y Patented July 22, 1851 I claim the combination' and arrangement of the disk, or fifth wheel, D, attached to the front axle, the embracing circularly flanged annular disk, with its laterally projecting arms or trunnions to which are attached the bars or spring levers, K, so aB to preserve the horizontal position ot the fifth wheel while allowing the necessary play of the said bars, in the manner described AUTOMATIC RAILROAD CAR BRAKEW R Jackson, of Baltimore, Md Patented Sept, 8,1867 : I claim the arrangement of parts described, or its equivalent, for the_ simultaneous compression of ttie forward and rear springe, and the consequent operation of the brakes, the same consisting in the combination of the lever, L, with the slide barB, and pushing rods, D D, constructed, arranged, and operated substantially in the manner specifieds