The steamship Independence, running on the Pacific, was wrecked on the shoals of Maiga-retta Island, on the 16th of February, and 140 passengers lost their lives. After striking she was run on the beach 300 yards from shore, where she took fire and was totally consumed. The scene was terrific,as the surf was sweeping out from land. Most f those who lost their lives were from the Eastern States. The herb Eegilops, hitherto considered as worse than useless, grows abundantly on the shores of the Mediterranean. It produces a species of grain resembling wheat in form, but much smaller. By a few years' cultiva tion this weed has been perfected into an ex cellent wheat. The human voice has been heard across the Straits of Giberalta, a distance of more th*n ten miles. This only happens in peculiar states of the weather. The sound of a mili tary band has been heard at a distance of seventy miles on a clear frosty morning. The " Edinburgh Scotsman " says that the Earl of Ellesmore has been appointed her Majesty's commissioner to attend the great ex hibition at New York.