Dr C G Page, of Washington, D C, has discovered that positive electricity will extinguish the flame of a lamp, and negative electricity will increase it When the flame of about two inches hight is charged positively, from a powerful machine, it is rapidly shortened to total extinction When the flame is charged negatively, it is immediately enlarged, a portion of it being impelled down around the wick tube for the distance of an inch, and a portion also elongated above This discovery, it is thought, may serve to throw some light upon the many unsolved caprices of lightning [The above is taken from the New York Evening Post, but we have also seen it in several other papers Supposing the discovery to be trKe, we would really like to know what light it can throw upon " the many unsolved caprices of lightning"—EDS The blasting necessary to obtain material for the construction of the harbor of refuge at Holy head, North Wales, still continues ; and on oae occasion 200,000 tuns of rock were blasted at once by 21,500 lbs of gunpowder Patent Claims Issued from the United States Patent Office FOR THE WREK ENDING MARCH 23, 185amp; [Reported officially for ihe Scientific American] POMPS—J B Atwater of Brooklyn, N Y : I claim the arrangement of the plunger, E, and cylinder, A, with their respective enlarged portions, c d, constructed and operating as and for the purpose set forth [This is an arrangement of the plunger and other parts of the pump, so that the water as it is prised and pumped up, is made to act as an efficient packing, and the pump is thereby rendered extremely simple and durable, and susceptible of being operated by a very small expenditure of power] PAINTING FBESB—HenO A Bills, of West Winstc=d,Conn, andStephen W Wood, of Cornwall, N Y Patented in England, Jan 28, 1858 We claim, first, Setting a form of type upon flat rotating forms or beds in separate and independeut columns arranged alternately upon the peripheries of cylinders, with corresponding cylinders upon whose peripheries are segmenta of impression cylinders, the whole arranged substantially as described Second, Grooving or notching types, and keying them by independent keys to a bed or form in the wanner ana for the purpose substantially as set forth SELFADJSTING DOOE SILL—Geo C Bigelow, of Worcester, Mass : I am aware that strips have been arranged in and on doors, to close thespace between the door and sills, and that strips have been used in windows, that were forced out by springs behind them These I do not claim But I daim constructing a movable door sill that shall be level or even with the floor when the door is opened, and when it is closed shall beSraised to form a close fit to the bottom of the door, by means of the spring lvera, substantially as set forth and described WALKING STICK GUN—Robert R Beckwith, of New YorkUity : I claim the combination of the hammer, E, pin, C, sleeve, F, and the locking lever, I, as and for the purposes set forth [See a description in another portion of thie paper] RAILROAD RAILS— Lev re tt Ball, of Auburn, N V : I claim the use of plates, inserted at the middle and ends of the sections of compound rails in combination with aid sections locked together throughout their whole length, thus binding the rail together like a solid continuous rail, the whole being constructed and arranged substantially as set forth for the purposes speci SECDEING THE WHEELS OF CAEHIAGES, amp;a—Adolphus Bruns, of Davenport, Iowa : I hereby disclaim being the inventor of wheels with independent axles or of revolving axles running upon friction rollers, they bavingbeen heretofore used But I claim securing the wheels upon the independent revolving axles, in the mannerset forth CASTING METALLIC CHEESE HOOPS—Timothy Brown, of Georgetown, N Y : I claim the combination of the cylindrical guiding and iupporting moldpiece, A, provided with the flange bottom, a, und side projections, b b, the se micylindrical moldpiece, B, ana the guide top, J, all arranged in relation to each other as described, and united by the rods, cand 1, substantially in the manner and for the purpose specified SELFADJSTESG DAMPER FOR HOT AIR FPRNAOES— Ebenezer Barrows, Jr, of Brooklyn, N Y ; I do not claim broadly the employment or use of valves or dampers placed in the hot air conducting pipes of airheating firnaees, for they have been used for similar or analogous purposes But I claim placing the valve or damper, F, in the lower part ot the hot air conducting pipe, C, when said valve is BO hung or arranged to operate as and for the purpose shown and described [A notice of this will be found on another page] COTTON GmsH W Brown, of Millsville, N J : I am aware that a roller and vibrating and stationary plates have been previously used for ginning cotton, but arranged in a manner different to tbat shown ; so far as I am aware, no provision has been made for the ready discharge of the seed from the cotton ; I therefore do not claim, broadly, a roller, BT vibrating plate, L, and pressure plate R, irrespective of the arrangement and connection with the parts shown, as these are seen in the patent of Fones McCarthy, dated July 3,1840 But I claim the roller, B, stripping plate, Lt and pressure plate, R, arranged as described, in combination with the yielding'or vibrating feed board or plate, W, provided with the rods, o, the rods, n, and dofler, N, the whole being arranged to operate conjointly as and for the purpose set forth [This is described on another page] OSCILLATING PUMPS—Ezra Cope and J W Bragg, of Cincinnati, Ohio : We do not claim the movement, nor the arrangement of any part of our pump separately considered But we claim the described arrangement of two single acting oscillating plunger pumps to oscillate upon a single trunnion,placed between themasshown, in combination with the employment and use of two or more induction ports in the one chamber of the trunnion, and two or more eduction ports in the other chamber of the trunnion, arranged to alternately communicate with corresponding ports or openings and passages in each cylinder, substantially aa and for the purposes set forth in the specification MBAT CHOREES—Plumer H Chesley, of Lynn, Maas : I claim the arrangement of the cogged wheel, the series of spring cutters and cleaner with each other, operating subta tially in the manner and for the purposes as described FIREPROOF CEILING—J B Cornell, of New York City : I claim my improved method of constructing fireproof ceilings beneath wooden beams, viz, by suspending combined metallic lath sections beneath the aforesaid beams, and then coating said sections on both sides, substantially as set forth HOT AIR FURNACES—John Child, of Elyria, Ohio : I do not claim the gradual heating of air in its approach to the fire chamber of a furnace But I claim the arrangement whereby I effect the gradual heating and an active circulation of air by the arran ementofthe horizontal prolonged passage, A B and C D, surrounding the fire chamber and the ratifying chambers, E E and F, above the fire chamber, constructed and operating as set forth SEWING MACHINES—F S Coates, of New York City : I am aware that there are many devices tor opening or spreading the loop in single thread sewing machines, therefore I do not claim as new the expansion or spreading the loop in such machines But I claim the combination of the spring, 8, with the feed, K, and hook, I for the purpose of expanding the loop in sewing machines, as set forth ii MODE OF CONNECTING THE SECTIONS OP METALLIC ) FUNNELS—J W C'ochran, of New York City ; I claim ) the inclined arms, i, attached to the ends of the sections V and copie, h, for securing and connecting the Bame, sub at an tially as set forth METHOD OF CLEANSING GAS GENERATORS—Saunders Coates, of New York City : I claim the mode of clearing the retort by the admission of atmospheric air at the topofeaid retort, in combination with the draft pipe for carrying off the products of combustion, the whole being arrangedin the manner substantially as set forth BINDING ATTACHMENT TO REAPERS—A F French, of Franklin, Vt, assignor to G I Stannardof St Albans, Vt : I claim the revolving rake formed of the curved teeth, b, attached to the shait, A, the rods, D, curved as shown, so as to form the receptacles, e f, and the elastic strips, k k, connected with the lever frame, F, the above parts being combined and arranged to operate substantially as shown, with or without the rod, or bar, for the purpose set forth [A revolving rake is employed in this invention with stationary curved rods, a band holder and band adjuster, so that the grain may be bound by an attendant as rapidly as it is cut by the reaping machine to which the device is attached] MACHINE FOR CUTTING THE LEAVES FROM TITE SUGAR CANE PREPARATORY TO GRINDING—Calvin Dickey, of Mercersburg, Pa, : I claim the cutting device formed of the cutters, a, attaehed to a tubular flanch, A the whole being constructed and arranged so as to operate substantially as and for the purpose set fortb [We give a notice of this in another column] HAYCOCK PROTECTORS—O R Dinsmoor, of Auburn, N H : T claim combining with the cover, elastic ground connections, and a center pin, C, to extend into but not through the hay, the whole being arranged so as tooperate with respect to the haycock, substantially aa described, when applied thereto " REGULATORS FOR ROVING OK YARN—Daniel Dermond, of Philadelphia, Pa : I do not claim the controlling of the movement of the heckle chain through the agency of the upper feed roller But I claim the combination of the pulley, G, the system of spur gearing, the shaft, A, pulley, B, and enclosed box, ,O with the ratchet, a, and position stop, d, the whole arranged, applied and operating substantially as and lor the purpose set forth [This invention is principally intended t be applied to the jenny for spinning rope yarns, but may be adapted to other machinery for drawing and roving or spinning hemp or other fibrous materials of similar character] HOMINY MILLS—F B Drake and J W Teal, of Indianopolis, Ind : We claim the combination and arrangement of the perforated disks, D D D D, with the fan, K K, when constructed and arranged substantially in the manner and ior the purposes set forth SAWING STAVES—H H Evarts, of Chicago, 111 : I claim the arrangement of the machinery as described and shown in the specification and for the purposes set forth METALLIC BOATS—Joseph Francis, of New York City Patented in England July 21,1856 : I claim preparing sheets or plates of metal for torming boats for corrugations composed of a series of flat or nearly flat surfaces united by a curved or nearly quarter circle corrugation, substantially as and for tne purposes specified I also claim the manner specified of varying the size and proportions of corrngated metallic boats made from sheets pressed in one nize of dye by forming the corrugations near the center parallel or nearly so, and inreaing or decreasing the number of central plate?, formed with such corrugations, substantially as and for the purposes specified WATKETIGIIT WASHBTAND—Christian Gees, of New York City : I claim, first, The raised flange, rirtp, elevation or projection upon the basin, in combination with the counter sunk marble slab to fit such flange for the purpose set famp;rth Second I claim the caplike attachment upon the faucet fitting closely over the projection upon the marble slab through which the faucet passes, for the purpose set forth ROOFING CEMENT COMPOSITION—Robert Glennon, of New Orleans, La : I disclaim the compositions patentedbv R H Smith and C R Milks,in 1857, as differing from my invention What I claim is the composition made up of the ingredients specified, in substantially the proportionsand in the manner et forth GRINDING ATTACHMENT TO PG MILLS—p H Gage, of Dover, N H : I claim the combination of the double series of rotating arms, E Eand F F, with the stationary arms, d d, and the dishshaped grinder, C, when the eaid parts are so shaped and arranged as to operate in conjunction with each other, substantially as set forth ROTARY STEAM ENGINES—J B Groomes, of Carmichael's, Pa: I make no claim to the radial piston attached to the shaft, as equivalent devices are well known Neither do I claim the introduction and exit of the steam through the shaft But I claim the flanged cylinders, a a, encasing the shaft at its transverse perforations, i c, and packed as described between ihe flanges and the cylinder heads, in combination with the steam channels, e and d, of the shaft, and the induction and eduction pipes, D and E, communicating with the annular spaces between the flanges of the cylinders, the whole operating as set forth RIBBON LOOMS—W J Horstmann, of Philadelphia, Pa : I claim the bent rod, K L, M N N', passing between the two headings of the trhnminpe or fringes and forming a back or ede over which the filling is worked substantially as described PUMPS—J O Joyce, of Cincinnati, Ohio : I claim the arrangement of the circular chambers having their valvea operated as described, with the wedge valve, G, and its inlet and exit openings, the whole being arranged in the manner and for the purpose set forth and explained HOLDING BOLT FOR CARPENTER'S BRACKETS, Sec— I claim the spiral pointed dog or pawl as used with the bolt, to hold and secure carpenter's brackets for fasteners to buildings, as set forth DYEING YARN PARTICOLORED—D B Kerr, of New York City : I claim the method of arranging yarn in folds or loops ot greater or less strength as a figure may require previous to the application of the eye, substantially as aet forth I also claim the method of folding yarn as above set forth, in combination with the clamping of the same previous to the application of the dye, so as to preserve the integrity of the folds or loops, substantially as set forth I also claim the method of particoloring yarn by submitting it while clamped in tblded loops of greater or less length to the action of the dye, substantially as set forth METHOD OF CLAMPING POLYGONAL PIECES IN PLANIMG MACHINES—J W Killam, of East Wilton, N H : I claim the triangular pieee, I, and the sliding piece, L, and the dog, K, in combination with each other, for the purpose described HARVESTERS—J M Long, Peter Black, and Robert Allstater, of Hamilton, Ohio : We claim, first, The combination of the lever box, b, guide piece, d and short axle, a, with nut and screw constructed,arranged and operating substantially as and for the purpose set fortb Second, The stay rod, G, in combination with the bar, E, substantially as and for the purposes set forth Third, Supporting the rear of the platform by suspension from the stay rod, substantially aa and for the purposes described COMPOUNDS FOR HARDENERS IEON AND STEEI—Chas Pauvert, of Targe, France : I claim the use of the ingredients described, compounded in the manner specified, for converting iron into steel SUPERSTRUCTURE OF RAILWAYS—S H Long_, IT S A, of Louisville, Ky : I claim, first, The combination of grade plates and ribbed sills, as set forth and for the purposes specified I also claim bolting the rails to the sill through the grade plates, in such manner as that the expansion and contraction (or creeping as it is termed) of the rails shall not be communicated to the grade plates, which allows said plates to retain their position regardless of the moving of the rails, substantially as stated RAILROAD CAR COUPLINGS—H E Loane, of Baltitimore, Md : I claim the arrangement and combination of the coupling bar, B, jaws, E E, F F, afid holding plate, D, in the open mouthed coupling heads, substantially in the manner and for the purpose specified PLOWS—Thomas McConaughy, of Burnsville, Ala : I claim extending the piece, P, to which the point is secured rearward a distance nearly equal to its hight, and giving it increasing lower flanges at bottom, said piece being formed with thick bounding edges, and a thin plate filling the intermediate space, substantially as and for the purposes setfortu GRAPHOTYPE—John McElheran, of Brooklyn, N Y : I claim the method described of producing the mold or matrix, wherein the metal is deposited by electrical action to form picturetypes, or their eqnivalents of wax, applied to and in comonatlon with a hard transparent, Bmooth and level plate, substantially in the manner set forth PRESSES FOR EXTRACTING OIL FROM LINSEED—Chas Moore, of Trenton, N J, : I claim the combination of the ground plates, with the hair padding or such other padding as may be used, fastened to the plates of the press, with its edges made thicker than the body of the padding I also claim connecting the upper plate to the top of the press by links or staples and pins, and the plates to one another by links and pins, so arranged that the plates may be pressed together without cramping the links by which they are connected COTTON BALE TIES—David G Olmstead, of Vicksburgh, Miss : I claim the clasp, A, and wedge, C, arranged and operating in combinatioa with the band, B, with its bent extrjpities, a a, substantially in the manner and tor the purpose specified MACHINE FOR TURNING TOOL HANDLES, amp;o—Hiram Plumb, of Honesdale, Pa : I do not claim, broadly, and irrespective of the arrangement shown, the employment or use of a pattern in connection with cutters to a carriage, for such device has been previously used for the purpose of turning various articles But I claim the employment of rougheningoff cutter, K, socket, J, torming cutter, M, pattern, O, finishing cutter, Q, and stops, k, combined and arranged to operate as and for the purpose set forth [Full particulars of this invention will be found on another page] CEMENT COMPOSITION FOR ROOFING—Bradley L Prime, of Hamilton, Ohio : I am aware that some of the ingredients used by me have been employed for analogous purposes in various proportions, and in combination with various other substances Therefore I do not claim, broadly, the employment of auch substances in roofing composition But I claim the combination of the substances described, in substantially the proportions set forth, for the manufacture of a roofing composition STOVE HEATING APPARATUS—David J Quimby, of Brooklyn, N Y : 1 do not claim the use or construction of tlie stove, nor combining a heating stove and heater ia one apparatus, nor bringing a current ot cold air to tbe heater, to be heated aud diffused in the same or another room But I claim the arrangement of the heating chamber, B, provided with deflecting plates, D D', and apertures in the top plate with the cold air flue, in connection with the stove or furnace, A, constructed and operating as described COTTON PRESSES—Hiram Rosa, of Rockport, Ind : I do not claim, separately, the toggles, E E', for operating the follower, D, for they are a common and wellknown device, and have been previously used for similar and analogous purposes But I claim the toggles E E', in combinat ion with the lever, G, provided with the semicircular projections, I J and counected with toggles by cords or chains F K, the whole being arranged to operate substantially as and for the purpose set forth [This is an improvement on that class of presses in which a progressive power is obtained, and consists in the employment of toggles in connection with a lever, so arranged that the work is performed expeditiouly, and with moderate application of power] REVOLVING CYLINDEE STEAM ENGINES—Thos Rogers, of Philadelphia, Pa, : I do not claim the arrangement of ports and passages for the induction and eduction of steam But I claim the two Lshaped stationary hollow steam heads, CDC* D', applied and arranged substantially as described, to constitute stationary journals for the two hubbed drum or fly wheel, E, and bearings for the cylinder journals, while they also constitute valves for tne induction and eduction of the steam, substantially aa described [We have noticed this Invention in another portion of this journal] CORN HARVESTERS—Thomas A Risher, or Circleville, Ohio : I claim the arrangement of the concave shocker, I, clamp lever, J, and rest, k with relation to cutters, a at inclined arms, c c c c, belt, H, and guide, i the whole being constructed and operated in the manner and for the purpose set forth CIGARLIGHTING CINDERS—Henrich Reemann, of Hartford, Conn : I claim the cigarlighting cinders, compounded and formed aa described, and ior the purpose set forth TURNING AND SLIDING TABLES FOR RAILROADS— William Sellers, of Philadelphia, Pa : I claim interposing the central part or box between the ends of the truss rail beams, in such manner, substantially as described, as to make use of the width of the said central part or box as a portion of the length of the aaid beams, and tue said beams and central box are BO constructed and connected as to form a table entirely supported from the central part or box, substantially as described STOPMOTION FOR HAIR CLOTH LOOMS—R J Stafford, of Smithfield, R I : I wish it to be understood that I do not limit myself to the special construction or arrangement of parts as described But I claim all merely formal variations performing the same mode of operation by equivalent means What I claim is the mode of operation, substantially as specified, by means of which, in case the hook, nippers, or other instrument used to insert the weft of the cloth, fails to seize and draw in any one hair, or other material intended, a disconnection is in consequence effected between the gear that controls the action of the several sets of heddles, and the source of motion before the relative positions of the several sets of heddles to each other are shitted, and a new set opened, while the other parts of the loom are permitted to continue in operation, substantially as specified And I also claim the mode of operation, substantially as specified, by means ot which the "signal messenger, (No 6) during the backward beat of the bay is returned to such a position, and whenever the hair or other material is inserted between the threads of the warp, where it belongs, the geer which controls the action of the several sets of heddles is again put in motion, as set forth I also claim the "signal messenger," (No 6) constructed, applied, and operated in the manner and for the purpose substantially as described GAS BURNER—Denis Sullivan and Michael Mclntyre, of Cincinnati, Ohio : We claim the construction and arrangement substantially as described, of the plug, C, regulating the flow of gas to any extent desired TIGHTENING THE TIRES OF CARRIAGE WHEELS—Robert B Scott, of Philadelphia, Pa : Disclaiming the exclusive use of taper keys for drawing together the two ends of the tire I claim the end, C, with its slotted lips, a, and the bent endj B, with its slotted enlargement, d, in combination with the taper keys, D and D', and bolt, E, when the two ends are arranged and adapted to each other, substantially in the manner set iorfch, and lor the purpose specified * PISTONS AND PISTON ROD CONNECTIONS—A P Samuel, of New York City : I do not claim generally transmitting motion from a fixed cylinder direct to the crank, without intermediate connections, by means of an oscillating cylinder rod But I claim a direct connection of the piston rod to the crank, with a fixed cylinder, by the use, or by the the means of, the arrangement of the movable boxes, G G, in the piston, forming theiconnection between the piston and piston rod, in combination or connection with the part, d x', moving uton the curved covers of the cylinder, the whole arranged substantially as and for the purposes set forth and specified SEWING MACHINES—James and Amos W Sangster, of Buffalo, N Y : We claim the looper, when the several partsthereof are constructed and arranged to operate, in relation to each other, to the needle and thread, substantially as set forth POST FOB FIELD FENCES—Heber G Seekins, of Elyria, Ohio : I claim foot piece, A, having recess, a, and lugs, c c', in combination with the poste, said posts having apertures, d d', and recesses, f f', said apertures and recesses so partitioned as to correspond witli aperture a, and lugs, ce', of foot piece, A, in the manner and for the purpose substantially as set forth and desciibed PLOWS—Daniel L Tilton, of Mt Carmel, III : I claim the construction and arrangement, substantially as described, of the tines, J, operating in the manner and for the purposes explained RECIPEOCATING AND ROTARY MOTION—Isaac Van Doran of Somerville, N J : I do not claim, generally, changing reciprocating into rotary motion by means of the gearing, B, and rotating wheel, A But I claim the arrangement of the wheel, D,and its projection, b, as described, eo that the wheel, D, shall be constantly rotated by the use of d and b alone, without springs, sliding cogs, or any other mechanism MILL BUSHES—John Wells, of Baltimore, Md : I disclaim concentric rims, the one secured to the shaft and the other to the stationary portion ot the system, as euch is not new, and does not constitute my invention But I claim the feathered spindle, S, and recessed flanged collar, a, resting upon plate P', in combination with plates, P' and P, the cylindrical guide, C, depending from the latter plate, when said parts are arranged for joint operation substantially as set forth MEATCTTING MACHINES—Frederick Wolfersberger, of Salem Station, Ohio : I claim the segment plates arranged spirally on the roller between tin; pins, in combination with the knives, H, substantially as described COMPOSITION FOB VARNISHES—Damon R Averill, (assignor to himself and Jamea F Davis,) of Pulaski, ft Y : I claim the described composition of matter, consisting of water and acetate of lead, with spirits of turpentine and coal tar, for the purpose of making a cheap, quicklydrying, and superior varnish, substantially as settorth SHOE PEG MACHINE—Amos H Boyd (assignor to Samuel F Case,) of Saco, Maine : First, I claim the combination of the pointer, splitter, and intermittent feed of the block, operated conjointly, substantially ad specified Second, The construction and arrangement of the transversely or circumferentially grooved or threaded rollers, as a means of feeding and holding the block or bolt for pointing, substantially aa specified STEAM GAGES—Franz Burckle, (assignor to Edward H Ashcroft,) of Boston, Mass : 1 do not claim so attaching the piston to an elliptic spring that such piston shall be wholly supported by such epring, either with or without contact of the piston with the sides of the passage, or space within which the piston may move Nor do I claim connecting one end only of the piston to the spring Nor do I claim supporting one end of a rod by a set of radial bars or toggles, while its ether end is supported by a spring, and the rod is carried through a tube, as shown in the drawings of No 13,917 of United Statts patents, for in my mode of supporting the piston and keeping it from contact with the sides of the passage through which it extends, the radial dik spring not only performs the function of supporting the elastic diaphragm and centralizing the piston, but that of a spring, to draw the latter downward under any relaxation ot the pressure of the steam Nor do I claim the employment of a collapsable hollow spring, or combination of concavovouvex springs, and their application to their case or frame, and a pitman, as shown in Grantoff amp; Albright's gage, as described in the London " Mechanics' Magazine," Vol 66, page 269, whereiu the collapsable spring operates by the lateral contraction on raising the pitman The upper spring of the piston of my improvHi gage operates by latitudinal extension in elevating the piston But I claim supporting the upper end of the piston by the mainspring, H, in combination with supporting the lower end of the said piston by a radial disk spring applied to it and the elastic diaphragm, and operating therewith, substantially as described, the same serving not only to centralize the piston during its movements, or maintain it in a straight path, and out of contact with the sides of the passage through which it play:*, but to operate in other respects aa set forth I also claim fastening the main spring, H, at the middle part of its inferior halt with the lower part of the box or case, and making the piston play through the tautening and abut against the upper half of the spring, the same causing the spring, underpressure of the steam against the diaphragm, to operate by latitudinal extension rather than by contraction, and securing advantages aa set forth SEWING MACHINES—David W Clark, of Bridgeport, Conn, (assignor to H L Clark, of Fairfield, Conn) : I claim first, The employment of an adjustable guide, N, constructed and arranged substantially as described, for the purpose of guiding the needle, J, and its thread, stripping the loop of needle, U, and placing the loop of needle, J Second, The combination of spring, 0, with guide, N, for holding the needle, J, within the groove of 4he guide, substantially as described Third, The employment of a swinging plate, P, serving as a loop stop for both stitches CREAM FREEZERS—Enoch S Farson, (assignor to himself and Henry H Brown,) of Philadelphia, Pa; I claim the concave beater, p, in combination with a semper, q, and an oscillating horizontallyplaced cream cylinder, B, the same being arranged so as to operate together in the manner and for the purpose set forth and described RAILROAD CAR BRAKES—Daniel H Feger, (assignor to himself and Mahlon M Wombaugh, of Cincinnati, Ohio : I claim the arrangement of the friction pulley, J, concentrically on the front axle, D, ofthe truck, and combining the same with the brake, E E, and with the eliding buffer or pulling bar, N, by menns of the pivoted vertical spring friction block, K, pivoted horizontal rising and falling shoulder bar, O Z Z, and transverse pins, P P, said parts being arranged relatively to each other, and operating in conjunction, substantially as and for the purposes set forth KNITTING MACHINES—Joseph Vickerstaff, (assignor to Martin Londenberger,) of Ptotteielphia, Pu : I claim imparting to two sets of thread guides the continuous vibratory movement, combined with the transposing movement described, by means of the cam wheel, L, acting in conjunction with the lever, K, and arma, p and p', or equivalent devices, for the purpose specified I BELT COUPLING—Samuel Green, of Grand Rapids, Mich, (assignor to Silas B Green,of Rochester, N Y): I claim the plate or stock, C, slotted and provided with tongues, D, one or more, corrugated at one edge, and provided with spurs, g, the whole being constructed, arranged, and applied to the ends, A B, of tue belt, so as to act substantially as and for the purpose set forth [This invention consists of a metal plate or stock of oblong form, equal in length to the width of the belt to which it is applied, and firmlyriveted to one end of the belt parallel with its edge This plate or stock has one or more slots in it, in which slots tongues corrugated or grooved at one edge, and provided withspurs, are fitted The opposite end of the belt is passed through the slot or slots in the plate or stocks, and, owing to its relative position with the tongues and plate, is firmly secured therein by the tension of the belt, and the two ends of the same are, consequently, firmly connected] TRACKS FOR CITY RAILWAYS — S Gardner, (assignor to himself and John H Gould,) of Philadelphia, Pa: Disclaiming the exclusive use of a continuous tube with a slot on the top, as a device employed in atmospheric railways I claim forming between the rails of a city railroad track, an underground tunnel, and hanging a series of pulleys within the same, said tunnel having a longitudinal slot near the level of the ground, and being otherwise so arranged that a rope may be used for drawing the cars along the track, without impeding the passage of the vehicles across the same SHIP'S BULKHEAD—Charles Maliphant, (assignor to Thomas West,) of New York City : I claim the arrangement of two or more thicknesses of crossed planking, the inteiiiosed felt, or other equivalent material, and the stanchions with each other, substantially as specified, and for the purpose set forth EGBEATER—Patrick Mihan, (assignor to himself and G Davis,) oi Boston, Mass : I claim the beating apparatus, constructed and operating substantially as described , iu combination with the portable plate orcover A, go that it may be either held in the operator's hand, or placed on the top of a vessel REVOLVING FIREAKM—F D Newoury, (assignor to R V DeWitt, Jr,) oi Albany, N Y : I claim the lever, L, formed and fitted as described, for the purposeot cocking the hammer, holding the same when it has been cocked by hand, rotating the cylinder, and holding the cylinder firmly iu the act of firing I also claim the hainmer, withitspin, b,in combination with lever, I, for cocking by hand The combination of hammer, lever, ratchet wheel, and trigger, arranged substantially and for the purposes set forth RAILROAD CAE AXLE BOXES—R N Allen, of Cleveland, Ohio : I claim, first The selfadjusting collar or washer, F, in combination with the slide partition, G, and packing, c, operating in the manner and for the purpose specified Second, I claim the box, B, and key, C, provided with articulating surfaces s' s', in combination with the key, D, for the pur pose of relieving the axle from strain, and of conveniently removing and replacing the box, B, and collar, F, by simply relieving the axle from strain, without removing it, the whole being constructed and arranged substantially as specified REISSUES MACHINE FOR MAKING HAT BODIES—William Fasket, of Moriden, Conn Patented January 231846: I am aware that mechanical pickers of various constructions have been used in connection with pervious surfaces surfaces and exhausting fans, in the manufacture of hat bodies, and therefore do not claim such devices separately, or in their preexisting combinations, as my inventions But I claim the described automatic method of forming hat bodies, having the required variation in thicknesa at their d ifferent parts, by supplying picked fibers to an exhausted former of the size and shape required, in such manner that a larger portion of picked fibers is supplied to that part of the former which corresponds with the thickest portion of the hat body, and a less portion to the other parts of the former, substantially as set forth I also claim the combination of a picking apparatus, a hat body former, au airexhausting apparatus, and a conductor, the whole combined substantially a3 set forth I also claim a bowstring picking apparatus, con, structed and operating substantially as set forth, to pick fur presented to it by a suitable feeding and nipping apparatus METHOD OF EMPLOYING CENTRIFUGAL FOROE IN CASTING IEON FIFE—Thomas J Lovegrove, of Baltimore Md Patented November 30,1852 : I claimforming pipes, or other castings, by centrifugal force, by causing the mold into whioh the liquid material ia poured, to revolve GRAIN SEPARATORS—John R Moffit, of St Louis, Mo Patented November 801852 : I claim, first The endlens chains, d, composed of metallic links provided with protuberances or depressions, when used in combination with suitable driving pinions, to impart a positive motion to the strawcarrier of a thrashing or separating machine, as explained Second, In combination with a receptacle m which the tailings are deposited by the winnowing apparatus, I claim the arrangement of the screw elevator, o, in relation to the thrashing cylinder, for the purpose of returning the tailing to be rethrashed, as set forth DESIGNS COPYING PRESS STAND—Charles H Clayton, of New York City LEGS AND POSTS OF IRON BEDSTEADS—John P Koch, of New York City ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENT CLASPS FOR METALLIC HOOPS—James R Speer, of Pittsburgh, Pa Patented December 1,1868: I claim bending the ends of the clasp across the apertures, b and c so as to present an opening in the clasp for the insertion of the bent ends of the bands, at right angles, or nearly so, to the direction in which the bands are inserted in the clasp, in the manner andforthe purposes described