Within the past ten years disastrous losses have been met with in some parts of Europe, by dealers in cattle, from a comparatively modern disease named pleuro-pneumonia ; it is most prevalent in the marshy districts of Holland, but is not confined to them. The symptoms of it are like inflammation of the lur.gs, but remedies ordinarily used for that disease have failed to be of any use in this. How this disease came to be first introduced is difficult to tell, but from what we have lead upon the subject we are of the opinion that it was first caused by bad ventilated stab! es, and feeding a great number of animals in. a small space, for fattening, en the refuse grains, i *. ii m German and Dutch distil-ieiit-5. i tit, ln-t-beds of the disease are the distillery and beer districts ol those countries. No less than 10 per cent, of the cattle bought to be fattened tor market, in some parts ot Holland and Belgium, die of this disease. We have heard no word of it attacking cattle in our country, still such a disease may not be tmprevalent among stall-fed cattle in some : districts; it should be lookedfafter with zeal by those whose duties require of them a watchful care for the public health, innoculation has been resorted to in Holland to try and arrest it. The virus for this purpose is taken from the lungs of a diseased animal, aud innoculation is performed on the tails of live animals to prevent them taking it. The operation is said to be somewhat successful, awl the practice is about to be introduced into England as a preventive.