In March 2016, officials from Guinness World Records traveled to Haifa, Israel, to visit a retired candymaker named Israel Kristal. They came to proclaim him, at the age of 112 years and 178 days, the world's oldest man. Kristal, who has since turned 113, has led an extraordinary life. When he was born, in 1903, life expectancy for a boy in Poland was only about 45 years. As a child, he remembers throwing candies to Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary. As an adult, he ran a candy factory near Lodz. He lived through two world wars and survived nearly a year in various concentration camps, including a three-month stint at Auschwitz. His wife and two children were killed. After remarrying, he immigrated to Israel, where he made artisanal confections by hand. He now has something like 20 great-grandchildren. Born in the era of gas lamps, the centenarian now lives in the age of Twitter.