As a subject for improvement in stoves— parlor, cooking, or any other description, let me suggest to our inventors and patentees, the remedy of one serious detriment which has invariably been overlooked up to the present hour—that is, a mode, plan, or adaptation of carrying off the dust when it is raked so that it shall not spread over the room, covering every thing with ashes—that is, dust; to me and I should suppose to every one, it is a matter of serious inconvenience. The remedy I propose is to have an aperture under the grating leading to a pipe-way communicating with the usual pipe attached to all stoves, this aperture to have a sliding door, to be opened when the fire is raked,and closed all other times, unless desired to check the draught; this methpd—something like which I have seen in the brick settings of grates in England, would produce the great advantage of carrying the ash-dust up the chimney and not over the room, turniture, or occupants. This mode could be easily adopted in our new castings, running up behind the back stove plate, and into the pipe, and would be a universal benefit to our families and housekeepers in general, and to none more so than to Yours, &c, A SDFFKRER.