THE outcry made some months ago against the abuse of the franking privilege on the part of Members of Congress seemed to put a check upon it for a while, but we have now before us a private business circular of a Washington firm, styled S wetland & Co., franked by the written signature of Hon. John T. Deweese, Member of Congress from North Carolina. We call the attention of the Hon. Mr. Deweese and of Postmaster-General Cresswell to this system of sweating the postal revenue. Its not fair, its not honest. IT is announced that the city of Boston was gently rocked in the lap of a tender earthquake on the afternoon of April 23d. The localities affected were Brookline, Hingham, Stoughton, Canton, Dedham, and South Dedham. It occurred at nearly three oclock with a heavy report and a vibratory sensation, which did not last more than three seconds. The crockery-ware shook in the closets, and the glass in the windows. The weight and duration of the shock was greatest at Dedham. A MTJSETJM of Natural History is to be established in the Central Park, in this city, $50,000 having already been subscribed for that purpose. The Commissioners of the Park have offered the use of the large hall of the Arsenal Building as a place where the collections may be deposited until a suitable structure can be erected. We understand it is proposed to erect a museum building on Ninth avenue, fronting the block between Seventy-eighth and Seventy-ninth streets. INVENTORS who have English patents, or would like to in-troduce their inventions in Great Britain, will find it for their interest to consult a member of an old established firm, who is temporarily stopping in this city. See advertisement on another page. SOME of our cotemporaries are designating the new Commissioner of Patents as Judge Fisher and General Fisher, neither of which titles are applicable. Mr. Fisher is a lawyer by profession, and held the position of Colonel of the 138th Ohio Volunteers. THE manufacture of beet-root sugar was begun in a small way at Oshkosh, Wis., some time ago, and proved so remunerative that an immediate enlargement of the works is contemplated. COMMISSIOKEB FISHEE has removed Examiners Peters and Barnett. It is likely that other changes will be made.