An automatic attachment. for locomotives has been patented by Mr. Norman F. Chase, of Montrose, N. Y. This invention supplies a novel construction whereby certain devices upon the locomotive may be operated by a person on the track or at a station to signal the engineer or stop the locomotive. A car coupling has been patented by Mr. Noble K. Parks, of Pilot Grove, Ind. By this invention the reversible coupling bar is formed at one end with spring clamping jaws and at the other end with an arrow shaped head to adapt it to be reversed in the drawhead, to present either the clamping jaws or the arrowhead at the forward .open end of the draw-head, as may be required. A freight car door lock has been patented by Mr. James Abbott, of • Elmira, N. Y. A shaft with a squared upper end is journaled in the car roof, rods connecting with the inner end of the shaft 'extend to the sides of the car. and a hasp Is pivoted on the roof of, and provided with an aperture for receiving jtlje_.apper end of the shaft, making a simple and safe lock7t3T)eoperated fTom the roof of the car. A steam engine 'has )Jeen patented by Mr. James S. McCoy, of Brooklyn, N. Y. The slide valve is carried by and within the piston, around which a steam space is formed in the cylinder, 80 that the piston is rendered almost entifely frictionless, the steam inlet port to the cylinder being immediately below the piston. whereby the pressure of steam will counteract the weight of the piston, with various other novel features.