We understand that the Board of PrincipaEngineers, consisting of Wm. P. Wiiamson)Vvm. W. W. Moore, and Danie B. Martin,which convened at Phiadephia on the 2nd ofMay, and terminated its abors about the 20thpassed the foowing candidates, viz. :First Assistant Engineers—Robert H. ongHarman Newe, Andrew awton, NathanieP. Patterson, Francis C. Dade, Edmund Deuce, John M. Maury.Second Assistant Engineers—Geo. F. Dar-ton, Samue H. Houston, Chares H. orirjg,Admitted as Third Assistant Engineers—Jas. B. Kimba, Richard Quin, G. M. Pimp-ton, J. W. Moore, F. A. Canfied, H. A. Ramsay, R. G. Wooderd, E. Manning, H. E. Win-son, F. G. Sumwat, H. B. Nones, J. M. Har-ris, T. Wiiamson.Six appicants for the various grades"biged" upon examination, and were re-jected.A most disastrous fire atey swept overfive arge townships in ower Canada, andconsumed the houses ot no ess than 500 in-habitants. It extended over a district of 30mies ong and 11 wide.