Capt. Ericsson, as reported in the Washington Republic. stated in his speech before the Virginia Legislators, that he used only anthracite coal, and as in a few years hot air engines would be the only kind used, England would come here for coaV Is Capt. Ericsson so ill-informed of the supply of anthracite, in England, not to know that there are more than 3,000 square miles of anthracite and culm in England and Ireland—far Triors than there is in Pennsylvania. The Collins Line of steamers coal up with Welsh coal— equal to our anthracite—at Liverpool. For proof ot the correctness ol what we say, see Mr. Taylors book on the Statistics of coal in America, England, and other countries. An electric telegraph is to be immediately constructed between Zara and Agram, by which means news from the east, will reach England two days sooner than at present. The British Electric Telegraph Company have declared a yearly dividend of 64 per cent., free of income tax.