This orc'er embraces but one fa mily, the Pullidae, OT Flea tribe. These pigmy tormentors aTe suctorial, ot minute size, have only the rudiments of wings, will drag twenty- five times their own weight, and leap two hundred times their length. The rostrum is setaceous, inflected, and armed with a sting. The Hungarians put them to fligh t by greasing their lin en, which disgusts the verm in ; and Queen Christi na sho.. at them with a cannon of liliputian caliber. The jigger or chegre (represented above magnified) , is a West Indian spe cies, smaller, but more hateful. It generally atta cks the fe et (preferring those of forei gners) ,and nidificates between the skin and flesh, often renderi ng amputation necessary.