American inventors should bear in mind that, as a general rule, any invention that is valuable to the patentee in this country is worth equally as much in England and some other foreign countries. Five Patents American, English, French, Belgian and Prussian will secure an inventor exclusive monoply to his discovery among one hundred and thirty millions of the most intelligent people in the world. The f acilties of business and steam communication are such that patents can be obtained abroad by our citizens almost as easily as at home. Munn Co. have prepared and taken a larger number of European patents than any other American Agency. They have Agents of great experience in London, Paris Berlin, and other cities. For instructions concerning Foreign Patents, Reissues, Interferences Hints on Selling Patents, Rules and Proceedings at the Patent Office, the Patent Laws, etc., see our Instruction Book. Sent free by mail on application. Those who receive more than one copy thereof will oblige by presenting it to their friends. Address all communications to IKIUNN CO., No. 37 Park Row, New York City. Office in Washington, corner of 1 and 7th streets. Facts for the Ladies. Thinking it due your labors in behalf of easing woman's work, I herewith state, that in the year 18541 purchased one of the Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines, being at that day most fully informed of their excellence over all others. This machine has been in almost uninterrupted use ever since (a period of nearly fifteen years), on many totally different materials, such as my own boots, my boy's clothing, needle-books, beside the usual heavy and light goods worn by ladies and children. It has never been repaired, and does not need it yet. I have often blessed the day on which I first entered your fine establishment as a purchaser. Mrs. J. W. D. Patten. Washington, D. C.