FUEL CONSUMED—GRAIN GROUND.As wi often have enquiries respecting the amount o fuel necessary to drive a steam engine, accord ing to the amount of grain which the engine will grind, we would state that James R. M Stewart, of Knox Township, Ohio, has pub lished a statement in the " Steubenville He raid," Ohio, which says that twelve bushel of grain were ground with one of coal con sumed in an engine erected by Nathan Copi Co., of Salineville, Ohio. The engine is i high pressure constructed with some improve ments, invented by N. Cope, an excellent engineer. His engines, we have been informed are the most economical of any erected ii central Ohio. TEA CULTURE IN AMERICA,The " Roches ter American" says that a gentleman whi has carried on both the culture of tea and th( manufacture of tea from their leaves, fo years, and some of the time employed twi hundred men at the work, has left that placi after an extensive examination of the soil an climate of the South, for China and the Eas Indies, expressly to import a stock ot youn plants, superior to those cultivated by thelat Dr. Junius Smith, at Greenville, South Caro Una. We have no doubt but the plant can bi cultivated in some of our Southern States, bu the question is, can it be cultivated as econo mically as in China. We cannot tell; noth ing, however, surpasses a fair trial in testin] the question. There can be no doubt but very superior tea can be cultivated in ou country from any which we now get fror China, as we have been creditably informed by some who know the fact that none ot thi first quality comes here. A REFORM CARRIED.On Tuesday, th 7th inst., the citizens ot New York voted ti adopt the amended charter, and did so wit] such hearty good will, that out of 40,00( votes cast, only 3,000 were adverse to the re formed charter. It is believed that the nev charter will cure many of the ills with whicl our city has been afflicted for a number o years, by unscrupulous magistrates.