FRANCE ON THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.—Speaking of the Scientific American the Paris " Invention " says :— " The excellent illustrated journal o f Messrs. Munn & Co., is a vast panorama, exhibiting the wonders of the civilization and industry of North America. We take pleasure in introducing this publication to any who may desire to examine it or to subscribe for it." [We feel obliged for this polite introduction to the French people. We do intend truly to exhibit the " wonders " of American industrial progress, and they will be shown conspicuously in the fore ground of our panorama. Bui it is also" our ambition faithfully to represent all the most notable events of European industry; indeed, we de&ire to make our paper merit the title ot the panorama of the world's industry. OCEAN TELEGRAPH,—One of our city dailies in speaking ot the proposed ocean telegraph says :— " The telegraph, now, is not always reliable, but if it comes to telling real fish stories, will not its usefulness be diminished or destroyed ? Besides, some fish—like eels, for instance— are said to be charged with electricity. Who knows but they will monopolize the use of the wire ? Perhaps some of our so-called scientific journals which claim to possess all the knowledge extant on every subject, will in-torm us. At all events, they can tell us whether the telegraphic news will be fresh after having passed through so much salt water." A so-called scientific journal can answer the last question, and can assure the editor that the news will be perfectly fresh when it arrives, as it will not pass through the salt water. The first question being a fishy one, can be answered best by the paper that asked it; its pretence to all knowledge on every subject is boundless. We cannot conceivej however, how it ever entered into the head of the interrogator to ask such a question, for eels charged with electricity are surely beyond the power of monopolizing any more of it. A FAVORED EDITOR.—A number of the merchants of Glasgow, Scotland, recentlypre-sented the editor (Robert Gunn) of the '' North British Daily Mail," with a purse containing 390 ($1,950) in testimony of their appreciation of his ability and enterprize as a journalist.