AMERICAN INGENUITY REWARDED.—The Calcutta " Englishman," of June 16, contains ths award of the committee, who have been there three years at work testing different varieties of cotton gins, dividing the prize of 5,000 rupees between two Massachusetts Yankees, Messrs. Bates, Hyde Co., and Messrs. Carver Co. That sum is to be sent to Washington for the parties entitled to it, with gold medals of the Agricultural Society of India for each of them. The society further voted to purchase the two machines at the cost price of construction. NEW SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION.—On the second Monday of next month (September) a new collegiate institution will be opened near Port Gibson, Mississippi, E. N. Elliott, L. L. D. being President and Professor of Natural Science. The course of study will embrace the whole range of the sciences, such as practical mathematics, mechanical philosophy, surveying, engineering, chemistry, c. Students will be received at any grade of proficiency, and the charges for tuition, room rent, board and washing, will be only $200 per annul). Here is a fine opportunity presented to many of the sons of our southern readers. They will be under the charge of competent, moral teachers and guardians.— The name of the college is the " Southern Scientific Institution.”