On the petition of Enoch Hutchinson, of New York, praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 20th of May, 1839 for an improvement in ships gallies, for the distillation of salt water, for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the 20th day of May, 1853. It is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 18th of April, 1853, at 12 oclock it,; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their objections, specifically set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing, must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. S. H. Hodges, Com. of Patents. Washington, Feb. 5, 1853. The Geanga Iron Works, Ohio were burn ed down on the 23rd ult.