The Managers of the Institute, we see, are determined to give the Crystal Palace a rub in competition, in the month of October next. The 26th Annual Fair will be held in the old place—Castle Garden—commencing on the 6th of that month. We see by the card of the Managers that they claim the merit of originating World's Fairs. Prince Albert, who originated the World's Fair in London, may pit that .in his pipe and smoke it, if he pleases. We perceive that no Ray premiums are offered this year, and not a word is said about railroad inventions. Nevertheless, we must sty, the Institute has done good, il by misrepresentation in calling out railroad in-ventiois. This was done upon the principle, we sufpose, of ' doing evil that good might come." We hope the Institute will have a good Fair. $500 have been appropriated as rewares for ingenious works of apprentices and minors—a course of policy which we esteem highly, and for which the Managers deserve iredit. Sone have called the Institute " Old Fogy," but this Fair will show to the world, that this epithet will be wiped out by a zealous activity and patriotic devotion worthy of patriots de-terrnined to conquer or die in a good cause— leaving out the Ray Premiums.