The annexed engravings are views of an I improved apparatus for farmers for heating and steaming purposes, devised by Jesse Neal, of Hudson, Summit Co., Ohio. Figure 1 is a vertical transverse section of the apparatus, and figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal section. The same letters refer to like parts. A is an elliptical boiler or water chamber mounted on legs, a; ? is the furnace j C is a partition, and ? is a flue; ?' ?' ?' ?', are four tubes around the furnace flue. The heat passes from the fire in the directions of the arrows, thence out at the.imoke pipe, t; * is. the door ol the furnace, through which the fuel is fed to the fire ; ? is a pipe which conveys the steam irom the boiler by branch tubes to heat up vats of milk for making cheese, or for heating tubs of water, or boiling feed tor cattle; I J ? are test pipes for stop cocks; L is the safety valve; ? is a blow-off pipe for running off the water when desired. This heating and steaming apparatus as noticed by us last week is principally designed for farmers, especially those who make much cheese and butter, when the milk has often to be heated, and the cattle provided with steamed food. All the vessels, excepting this one, to be heated, even highly boiled, can be made of wood, and thus at but a small expense. This is one great advantage in employing a steam boiler for boiling other vessels. The steam pipes in the wooden vessels can be laid on the bottom and inserted into the one that branches from this boiler. Low pressure steam, perfectly safe, can be -employed, and no mai-&H seven pounds require be placed on the safety valve. The boiler may be fed by a hand pump, or by a reservoir, consisting of a cask of water placed above the boiler at 7 feet, which will exert sufficient pressure to feed in when the steam is at 7 lbs. As stated by us before, Mr. Neal has applied for a patent, and more information may be obtained by letter addressed to him.