“Put a pound ol brown sugar in a low tin dish, wet it with water, and lay a number of small strips of wood across for the bees to rest on while at work. One pound ot six-cent sugar produces two pounds of honey.” Our neighbor of the Scientific American must revise his chemistry. How a pound of food can become two pounds of secretion, besides supporting the animals, it is beyond our reach to discover. We have seen the same statement before and commented on it in our last number. [The Plow, Loom, and Anvil. [Our neighbor must revise Ids chemistry. How can a stalk of corn produce more weight of fruit than the guano applied to manure it ' The question is not how much honey is produced from a pound of food, hut a pound of sugar. Does not honey contain more moisture than sugar. Let our neighbor put 20 pounds of honey in a sugar evaporating pan and expel all the moisture, and then weigh the product and see if he gets any more than 10 pounds of a gummy sugar. Benjamin Loder, Esq., the well-known head ol the Erie Railroad Company, has resigned his trust into the har.ds of the Board ot Directors, owing to continued weak health.