A correspondent of the Michigan Farmer says :— " The actual amount of food consumed by a horse will depend upon his form and disposition I have found that horses of a compact form and quiet disposition, weighing 1,200 pounds, and exerting a force equivalent to moving 150 or 200 pounds, at the rate of two miles per hour, for ten hours per day, and six days in the week, will require each twenty pounds of oats, fourteen pounds of hay, and seventy pounds of water, with a comfortable stable, to keep them in good order Much depends upon the horse having a keeper who knows how to use him without harshness" [The feeding of horses is an important subject We have heard farmers and others well acquainted with the noble animal assert that the best feed is a mixture of Indian corn, oats, and barley, cracked in a " corn crusher" The Arabs feed their horses almost exclusively on barley About four quarts of the abovemixed feed will answer for a meal, with a moderate quantity of hay afterwards—EDS