The side, end, and center frames of the feeding stand are provided with rods in their panels, which are separated sufficiently from each other to allow the fowls to gain access to the feed. One-half of the roof is fixed, while the boards forming the other are hinged and, provided with arms for limiting their motion when opened. In one compartment of the stand is a hopper, having openings in the bottom, which can be closed by a valve operated by a hand lever, pivoted to the frame as shown, or opened to allow the feed to escape. Below the hopper is placed a bar so shaped as to divide the grain entering from the hopper into the feed trough. In the other compartment is placed a metallic water trough, between which and the end of the compartment is formed a receptacle for soft feed. The grain from the hopper flows into the compartment, and is spread evenly on all sides by the bar; the flow of the grain is. checked by the partial filling of the feed trough. As the grain is consumed, its place is supplied MoDONALD'S FEEDING STAND FOR POULTRY. by fresh grain from the hopper, and in this manner a continuous supply is maintained in the trough, and the fowls are prevented from scattering or wasting the feed. This invention has been patented by Mr. Samuel McDonald, of Cochran's Mills, Pa.