We have received a letter from Boston, stating that the article in the Scientific American, taken from a Lowell paper, about the failure of the " Fire Telegraph," is not correct The article," probably originated," says the letter, " from a report to the City Government, that the Marm was inefficientmdash;that is, there was not enough of it. The City has, therefore, added three more bells, and also more alarm boxes. There is no failure about the Boston Fire Telegraph, and the City would be loth to go back to the old system, for, under the present, alarms of fire have decreased about 40 per cent. There have been but few irregularities, which may be well allowed for the newness of the system." Thus, as quoted, writes our correspondent. A splendid mass of pure gold weighing 28 lbs. 4 oz. has been lately found at the Australian diggings. This superb mass has been purchased by the executive of the colony for $8,250, and bas been transmitted per steamer to England as a present to Queen Victoria. Philadelphia last year consumed 3,253,177,-762 ale gallons of water, and 1,415,188,000 feet of gas. The daily average consumption ot water in the city proper and the districts of Southwark and Moyamensing was 6,731, 744 gallons.