This root grows in great abundance in the flat woods, near the streams, and in the savannahs of the counties of Levy, Marion, and South Florida. It has a top similar to the flag, and a root about the size of a man;s thumb, of various lengths, running horizontal, not far below the surlace. It is very juicy, and of a deep red color. Hogs are exceedingly fond ot it, and fatten on it rapidly, if they are black, or have blark hoofs. It is said by the old settlers that hogs with white hoofs seem to founder, and their hoof comes off, which causes them to perish unless fed well till they recover. Even when the animal has only one white hoof, and the others black, the white hoof comes off. The root colors the flesh, bones, and marrow, of hogs that feed upon it, and the urine becomes of the color of blood. There is no doubt this root may be substituted for madder, and be-come a source of no inconsiderable traffic to the people of Florida. Like the arrow root or comptait grows spontaneously in great abundance and may be cultivated, if thought advantageous. [Ocala (Fla.,) Mirror. Little can be done without determination, and no great acquirement without patience V and1 steady application.