The ironing table shown in the accompanying engraving should prove very useful in the household, owing to its stability and lightness, and also to the fact that it can readily be folded to occupy a very small space when not in use. The table top is of the form of the usual ironing board, and is supported at its large end by a frame section A. hinged thereto. The board is also supported midway of its length by a second frame section B. The lower end of section is provided with notches adapted to fit over a rod projecting from each side of section A. The notches in section B may best be seen in the view showing the folded table. Hinged to the upper end of section A is a section D which extends diagonally down to the floor below the smaller end of the board. To hold this section D in the desired position, a pair of bars C are hinged thereto at one end, while at the opposite end they engage the rod projecting from the lower end of section A. A cross bar on section B rests on the section D to support the ironing board. When it is desired to fold the board it is merely necessary to unhook the bars C and disengage the bars B from the rod on section A. when the sections will collapse to the pOSition shown in the illustration. In this posi tion they are secured by means of a hook. The inven tion also provides a sleeve board which is secured to the ironing board by means of a swivel bracket E and supported by means of a prop F which rests on a corrugated metal surface G. The sleeve board may be turned to any desired ang:e and may be easily removed or applied to the main ironing board whenever desired. Another attachment is a support for a flat-iron which is providpl with a heel H adapted to engage one of a pair of socl,ets on the main ironing board. When the ironing table is folded, the flatiron support and the sleeve board are made fast to the under side of the ironing board. The form of the ironing board is such that ample space is allowed for the manipulation of skirts or other circular garments. The inventor of this folding ironing table is Mr. Aaron M. Springer, Box 688, Portland, Ore.