A new contrivance for the above-mentioned purpose has been invented by George W. Wight, of New York City, who has taken measures to secure a patent. It is an apparatus intended for the use of packers, to force down the lids of boxes when they are to be fastened by scre ws or n ails. It consists ot a vertical screw working in a nut, which is formed in a cross- piece. Attached to this latter are a couple of bent arms which swing freely, and to the end of the scre w is fixed an iron plate which bears on tbe top of the box, or rather on a stout board that rests on the lid. H will be percei ved that, by turning the screw, the cross-piece will commence to rise, when the bent arms will catch on the sides of the box, and the screw will consequently be will be in equilibrio when balancing the gauge I forced against the lid, and the latter yielding box and a genuine coin.to the impulse will close on the box.