In European countries, inventors of meritorious articles are not only regarded as general benefactors, but receive that deference and distinction which superiority of mind should command, no matter what may be the channel of its development. In those countries it is not thonght beneath the dignity of the most elevated in station to devote their minds to the advancement of science and mechanical inventions in all their details, and hence a pre-eminence is given to all engaged in these praiseworthy undertakings. In the lists of patents issued abroad maybe found the names of persons of high rank in connection with inventions calculated to produce good, yet of such an apparently trivial and common-place character as would shock the nicer sensibilities and false pride of many of our aristocratic philanthropists and money-making men of science, did they see their names in connection with them. To all such persons we commend the example of the many persons of eminence in Europe, who, having produced an invention advantageous in its character, think it an honor to reap fame or emolument from its introduction to the public under the fostering care of their names and patronage.